NHL Lockout

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V.O. french
English subtitles

J'ai fait ça vite, fallait jmessprime, les joueurs me font trop chier! Qui gagnent plein d'argent j'm'en crisse, mais qui fassent une grève! Salaire moyen presque 2 millions! La terre appèlle la gang de money junkies! Come on!

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mofo, Go Jackets!!

and Canes!! Carolina and Columbus represent!!


i'm glad that you guys made this. i wish i had seen it a year ago,
it would have probably cheered me up.

anyway, this new season is AWESOME! i love hockey again.
you guys have some great teams up there, now that everyone's on equal footing as far as payroll goes.

but what i really mean is....

GO BRUINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad it's coming back!

Every American needs to go to a hockey game. Then they will see why Canada loves it so much. I go to games every chance I get. Well, the NHL is finally coming back. WOOTPARTYTIME!!!

It was alright

I'm from Red Neck Red Deer Alberta, and I don't like the lockout either (of course, I never really gave a shit about hockey until the lockout, for some reason I want to watch a game now). But riddle me this, wouldn't you try to get as much money as you possibly could? I would, I hate it when people complain about movie stars and other people getting paid too much. It's us who pay them, so if you don't like it, don't support it. What the hell are the "overpaid" people suppost to do with all of that extra money? Well, it's there money, so quit whining. You people from Quebec, why don't we let you seperate- with your maple syrup and Bonnome (did I spell that right?) the marshmellow man- why do you celebrate winter anyway? I'm just joking, I only hate your government, although I do hate most governments, Quebec's is just worse.

I agree

It sucks that we won't see any hockey this year,but the players are paid way too much for just playing hockey,real poor babies.....

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Sep 24, 2004
2:47 AM EDT
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