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Death on the Snow Field

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My first REAL Flash movie. I think it came out pretty well (except the artwork on some things could have been better). I tried to stay true to the opening of FF6 as well as make the song fit the movie as best I could. The song (AmIEvil's DeatontheSnowField)is one of my favorites and I just HAD to use it in a movie. Enjoy.

Edit: I am sorry, but if you have not played FF6 this movie will probably be boring/confusing to you. and YES it has a rather long intro. Just be patient and it will get to the violence.

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Very good :)

I don't know what it is, but your music choice seems to always be the best aspect of most of your work. Not only are they great choices, but you always seem to build your animations around the songs themselves, which I freakin love.

The drawings may have been fairly simplistic, but your animations were very smooth and clean, and you can tell you put a fair amount of work into this peice. It doesnt seem very rushed, and it's easy to watch.

I'll admit though, the main reason I really liked this movie was the music. It gave the movie its feel, and really allowed for you to make a dramatic/cinematic movie.

ahh, so sad.

I really like the aura the animation has...ok i'm a sad sap, sue me. anywho, it's graphics are clear and although at times seems a little immature in its simplicity i like and appreciate how the animator's philosophy and thoughts are conveyed throughout the animation. Music was awesome, I love this kinda shyt~! Where can i get it? I tried the link but i couldn't find it, although now i have a new site to dl music. Besides that, the violence is there but it's not pointless and mindless gore, rather it's an appreciated pity of lives stolen before their time and instills a melancholy (which i very much appreciate, thank you) in the viewer. those men died bravely, however futily. I await to see more of your future animations as powerful as this and your other animations such as "For what it's worth." Ahh, another sad one.

Matt-Merrill responds:

oh yeah... I made this quite a while ago so the music link is probably no good anymore, but the song should still be at ocremix.org under final fantasy 3... or 6. It's called "Death on the Snowfield" Anyway, I'm glad you liked the movie. I don't expect most people to enjoy this just because it's my first flash and the idea was good but the execution was not so much just because I had very little experience. but still, thank you for seeing past that and still appreciating the movie.

Satans critic-

i liked it.
from what i saw the music whent with the feel of the flash so good choice, you had good pulling detail for a first time "true flash" (i also liked it that you diddent throw on your experimental flashes like some asshats on NG)

i have seen your improvements on your newer flashes so i wont bother you with those...........exept one. i noticed you can do different styles of flash. that can be either an advantage or dissadvantage. if it were me i would stick to one but thats just my own opinion.

the theme you chose was unique in itself. you had a FF 3&6 theme but it changed later, why was it that you chose this theme and why did you change it to the preference.

Matt-Merrill responds:

Hmm, I guess I'm not sure what you mean by changing the theme... I tried to stick to the opening of FF3/6, but I tried to dramatize it a little more so that it felt more like a movie than a game.

But I appreciate your generous review considering this movie was pretty crappily done (I didn't have the knack for drawing in flash yet and I didn't stream the audio so it doesn't fit how it should, plus there is that one extremely long and boring scene). If I was to redo this video today it would probably be 10 times better!

Very good first flash

So, it's your first flash, and I'd say, it's far better thanthe average "My-first-flash". The basic flaws that everyone makes are there. If you can look through that, this is actually very good.

all i hav to say is.............

only watch this if u have a patient mind if u do u will say this movies good and give it a decent score and if u dont then u will say THIS SUX and continualisly click 0 to rate this overall some will like it some will not

plz dont answer me back with h8mail matt merill


Matt-Merrill responds:

Thanks for watching the whole thing.
It IS my first movie with flash and not all that great, and I realize the intro is quite slow indeed. It bugs me too, but I'm glad you liked the rest of it alkor.

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2.97 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2004
8:27 PM EDT