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Deep Fried, Live!

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Welcome to the first animated cooking show hosted by an appetizer. Deep Fried, Live! with Tako the Octopus is an entertaining, enlightening, and often dangerous look at the mysteries and methodology of modern food preparation. It’s the ultimate culinary spectacle, offering secret ingredients (that refuse to be cooked), in depth cooking science, printable recipes, and direct links to the latest cookware and ingredients. It’s also a thorough exploration of how much damage one octopus can do with an unlimited supply of kitchen artillery.



That was absolutely incredible. The amount of effort that has went into making this shows, and anyone who votes it less than a 5 is a knobgobbling son of a hooker.

Shit dude...

THIS is what I cal Newgrounds Material.

Nice work!

I don't review movies unless they are really good. So one should be honored to recieve one from me in the first place. However, I must say, this movie is truly something to behold. I've never seen such an interactive movie that mixed humor and education so well. I learned a LOT about cooking from this movie. You really seem like you've done your homework on this stuff. Are you a chef on the side, or what? Anyway, this was funny, educational, interactive, mildly violent (in a comical way), so what more can I say? 10 for this one.

My first 10!!!!

Almost 100 reviews in, and this movie is what I deem worthy of my first ten score. I mean as well as being funny as hell and having lots of cool options, I actually learned how to cook at the same time. I hope this is going to turn into a whole series of animated cookery programmes, cos I could see them getting a lot of 10's! Well fucking done on such a brilliant hardworking effort.

Woo Hoo

That was hilarious, one of the best things I have ever seen on New Grounds... That Octopus is one funny appetizer.

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4.12 / 5.00

May 30, 2001
5:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Original