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Fat Man Fall 2

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Author Comments

I made this flash about 2 months before Toasty. It is quick, but somewhat amusing. Enjoy.

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Dear fucking lord he's done another one.

Before I start my review I would like to direct you all to my review of this horrible persons first flash video. The movie is called toasty insane, and there should be a link to it in Corey Atad's profile. Read the review by awesome-man, it should be on the first page of reviews.

Now that that's out of the way I have a question for Corey Atad. Why do you hate the human race? Why do you loathe us so much that you set your plague upon us? Why do you punish us with your terrible "videos" (note: by videos I mean the computers equivalent of human excrement). Are you seeking attention with your horribleness? Some may say yes, I say no. Someone seeking attention gets a gun and shoots up their school. You go beyond that. What you show when you make this....this crime against nature, is pure undiluted hate, hate toward all that is good and pure in the world. What you show, corey atad, is that you, and you alone, are actually more of a threat to the human race than cancer, heart disease, and all those butt-fucking related diseases combined.

I just got a new keyboard to replace the one I vomitted on from watching your last movie. My new keyboard now has been damaged beyond repair. Do you want to know why? It's because I actually retched enough times to have large parts of my entestines spew out onto the keyboard, effectively rendering it useless. Some may ask how I'm still typing. I'll tell you. It's my sheer mental will that is trying to warn everyone not to watch your shitpile. Your movie was so bad, it actually forced me to develop telekinetic powers in order to warn the world of your abomination.

graphics: If anyone can watch this without screaming like a little girl and ripping out there own eyeballs, I garuntee you they are either legally dead, or Mr.T. And just because Mr.T hasn't emptied his precious organs onto his floor doesn't mean he doesn't want you dead like the rest of us. SUCKA!

Style: Yah I gave it a 10. This movie seems like it was actually crafted by the military as a torture device. And when I say military, I don't mean our military. I mean some kind of super-advanced alien military that knows the most advanced methods of torture.

Sound: I can't think of anything particularly insulting about this one. Lets just call Corey Atad a fuckhead and leave it at that.

Humor: If anyone found this funny I would like your name and address, as I believe you need to be relocated to a deserted island. Clearly anyone who found this funny is not only a danger to themselves, but a danger to society at large. Consider if you will someone who found this atrocity funny. What else might they consider funny? I bet someone with such a sick sense of humor might also find something such as murdering puppies funny. And if I need to tell you that murdering puppies isn't funny, than you belong on the aforementioned island as well.

overall: Corey I know I've insulted you a lot, but clearly my insults mean nothing to you the heartless human (perhaps cyborg that is devoid of human emotion, but much more likely big nerd that has been called a fuckhead too many times to care anymore). So now I'm just going to beg. Please, PLEASE, never make another flash video again. The next time your at home telling your stuffed animals about how you really are special and you come up with "a great idea" just trust me here, It's not. Infact, chances are it's the next antichrist. So please forget whatever grudge you have against humanity and stop making flash movies.

P.S. I hate you.

P.P.S. Once again I would like to invite anyone to e-mail me and discuss how much these movies suck. But be warned, I could talk for days about how terrible this stuff is. I was actually going to write more but believe it or not I've already almost reached the limit.


what the hell is wrong with you?...


hahahahhaha that wasfunny


Music and sound was fine, and it looked like it was going somewhere, because the beginning was drawn well, but then... yeah, it just all ended. I would have to say, yeah, it was good for what it was, and it was hilarious that you ended like that, but it looked like you got tired of animating it and retired the movie. Love the post-it idea, work it up to a better animation and you'll be seeing some higher scores!



not very funny.... lol.
the idea was ok, but i think that you should have really put a proper story line into this movie...
the post-it idea was good, but yeh, the graphics needed work, and so did the story line.
the music and sound effects were ok though, nothing wrong with them.
overall score: 4/10
(THE THUMB: down)

Credits & Info

2.52 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2004
6:16 PM EDT