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Optimus Vs. Megatron

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I made this because no one else would! hope you like it.


not to proud of it are you?

the graphix arent to good your good at flash i suppso when you made this, it wasnt your day

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

I have no regrets...


I didn't like the ending too much, perhaps have something like an unfinished thing, like it looks as if Optimus is still alive, so what about something like Metroplex, he was a double headmaster, and you already have a planet that Unicron once wanted to use as a new body, so why not have it so Cybertron transforms, and maybe even have other transformers show running since the planet is shifting, but still like they were fighting, other then this, I would say it was a good movie, even though I don't care much for the music, but found it sutable.

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

I like your ideas, but I am far too lazy to do this again. Try making a transformers cartoon with those ideas, you obviously know more about it, I had no clue metroplex was a double headmaster. Again, I like your plans for a better ending.


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seriously tho...try harder on gfx...it ruined the whole movie for me

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

Oh no, I took it. I care little of this movie's score, but thanx for watching.

Pretty good man!

I like the twist with Unicron,I didn't see that coming and Galvatron and Powermaster showing up was pretty cool.It was like they were going Super Sayian.I couldnt give the sound a good rating because there was none but the music.This is truly a unique animation.

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

I pwn n00bs!!! Thanks for the review :)

:D that was...different

im as big a fan as any1 but ur right u shuld have fun instead of makin tribute after tribute to the same thing with no changes except its hand drawn:P.

only thing that let u down was the animation unicron looked uber sweet :P but prime and the rest were a little lacking

keep up the good work ^_^

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

Yeah, back when I made this flash I was new to flash

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Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2004
5:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody