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And M16's to the people!

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Sep 22, 2004 | 4:25 PM EDT

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For those of you who have been paying attention to the news coming out of Washington DC; The ban on sales of assault rifles have now expired and you can once again buy your own M16 assault rifle. With US society already in a mess, this is the last thing we need!

Last year 11,348 were killed with guns in the US. Isn't that already a to high number?



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This is against your country's own constitution, jackass. And anyway, crime isn't nonexistent in gun-regulated countries. Learn the facts.


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grow some balls

Quakers love the flash, but i shure don't. Guns arent bad, Its the FUCKING MORONS WHO SHOOT THE CIVILAINS!!


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Thank you for your concern about gun related casualties. However, there are a few misconceptions i'd like to address.

1. Fully automatic weapons can only be obtained legally by either getting a Class III dealer license or paying the BATF $200 that goes along with the price of a usual private civilian full auto version cost of around $15,000. MANY people stick to semi auto as full auto definitely has no humane or practical use (other than to dick around with). semi auto = one shot, one trigger pull. full auto = hold down the trigger to empty all rounds.

2. Even if we WERE to ban, lets say, all semi automatic firearms, or if we banned every single type of firearm, criminals would still get existing weapons from arms dealers, foreign countries or even have the ability to manufacture some themselves. We live in a world of conflict. Take away legalized firearms from upstanding, law abiding citizens and it just might leave them defenseless. The homicidal rate would be just as high. You can't stop a criminal from getting a gun by saying "It's against the law!" It's pointless.

3. Your Osama Bin Laden accent is vaguely Indian.


Now, i'm not saying I support no gun control. Virginia Tech happened because people can buy firearms without any background checks (that guy had displayed signs of MENTAL ILLNESS). I think we should do background checks for ANY sale of ANY firearm. You should have to get a note of authority telling the owner that you are mentally and physically fit to handle a firearm with responsibility.

I don't like Bush either. Never did. And i'm pissed that Al Gore lost the election a few years back. He seemed to have sensible views on gun control. That and he'd save us from global warming :P

I'm in the process of writing a letter to tell him to run again.


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Last year cars killed over 42,000 people in the US, isn't that too high a number already.


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you are a pussy

man guns dont kill people. the fucking insane people do. i mean if you stopped selling guns they would buy a knife! so back off of guns man.