Chrono Trigger Unglued 02

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Here is Episode 2. Crono makes it to the fair. What awaits him there?
I have double, nay, TRIPLED the content of the original. Plus: navagational keys!
Up = Main Screen
Left = Previous Scene
Right = Next Scene
So sit back and enjoy. This does come right after EP 1, so if you haven't seen it yet, watch that first.


a decent lil series

i just like it cuz its crono trigger and ur decent at pixel flash

Cryokenetic responds:

Punctuation: who needs it?

Significantly better than the first.

The second one is much improved over the first, probably because it was longer; I dont know. The jokes were pretty okay, but the loop in the music was abrupt and awkward.
That having been said, however, I am looking forward to the next instalment, so please, continue. If the next one is as much improved from this one as this one is from the last, I'm sure it will be better than the six I'm giving you here, or the three I gave at the main window.
So how much ofthe game are you going to do?

Cryokenetic responds:

I thought so too.

And as long as there is support, I'll go as far as I can into the game. I love CT, so this is as much fun for me to do as it is for you to watch.

Going in the right direction...

First of all, increase your frame rate. Try using 25 frames per second or upwards... this will get rid of that choppiness ;)

Obviously not a terribly original storyline -- just CT with quirky humor added in. However, there have been things done like this and done quite well, so it's possible. Your animation skills are headed in the right direction, you just need to polish up on a few things first.

Good luck ;)

Cryokenetic responds:

Fight-o! For everlasting peace!

Took to long

It juts took long Not bad though

Cryokenetic responds:

Too short, too long...
Make up your mind, people!

Room for improvement

Hey man i see you tried, but i got some good tips for you.

When you make your next movie, increase the frames per second, this will look a lot better, and try to stray from so much text it gets boring , honestly i had to click out because it was just some text and some jokes and very little animation imo.

Anyways hope that helps you. Remember stray from too much txt i learned that the hard way. peace.

Cryokenetic responds:

Increase the frames, decrease the text. I get it already. Sheesh. ^_^

Thanks for your input, though.

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4.33 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2004
12:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody