Chrono Trigger Unglued 02

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Here is Episode 2. Crono makes it to the fair. What awaits him there?
I have double, nay, TRIPLED the content of the original. Plus: navagational keys!
Up = Main Screen
Left = Previous Scene
Right = Next Scene
So sit back and enjoy. This does come right after EP 1, so if you haven't seen it yet, watch that first.


Gonna Score!!!

That is the best line iv'e heard on a Newgrounds movie yet. I agree with Unko. This is the series that made me sign up just to review it. I don't give u a good score in graphics because it's a sprite movie, but your style and humour is through the roof! Great job on this serie. The only way i think it could be better, is if Chrono actually did score. j/k


That would drive me insane. Hey ignore the comment I left on the first one. I didn't know you made a series out of it already. Good job. I like this series.

Better than the first one!

Nice one! keep going i like them so far! i like the "ERRRRRR...." "OH NO I GAVE HIM BRAIN DAMAGE' lmao still cracks me up every time.

Much better than 1st one.

A perfect flash - I couldn't find anything wrong with it.

Better than the 1st one.

again I am not gonna judge by sprites.

I loved it. Funny as the last one. Hope ep 3 is good!

5/5 again.

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4.33 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2004
12:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody