Chrono Trigger Unglued 02

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Here is Episode 2. Crono makes it to the fair. What awaits him there?
I have double, nay, TRIPLED the content of the original. Plus: navagational keys!
Up = Main Screen
Left = Previous Scene
Right = Next Scene
So sit back and enjoy. This does come right after EP 1, so if you haven't seen it yet, watch that first.


Going in the right direction...

First of all, increase your frame rate. Try using 25 frames per second or upwards... this will get rid of that choppiness ;)

Obviously not a terribly original storyline -- just CT with quirky humor added in. However, there have been things done like this and done quite well, so it's possible. Your animation skills are headed in the right direction, you just need to polish up on a few things first.

Good luck ;)

Cryokenetic responds:

Fight-o! For everlasting peace!

I laughed.

Haha! This is pretty much what should've been said in Chrono Trigger! Good job. Keep up the good work.

Cryokenetic responds:

I think the title alone is perfect. "I laughed". Expresses everything anyone ever has to know.

I like....Make more!

I was really nicely done with added comedy to it. I also enjoyed interacting with some parts in the Flash. I hope to see more you this Flash, really funny stuff.

The Cat made me laughed the most...

Anyway... Kick ass Job man...

Cryokenetic responds:

As per your request, I shall make more.

Quick Igor! To the lab! We have work to do!


The animations where a bit choppy and some things were out of proportion. Also, way too much talking, I know to pass a story along you need talking but...just a bit much...even though I liked the storyline. I made a CT movie myself but I must say I like the way your "speech boxes" were made as well as the somewhat buggy scene selection. Lastly, I am glad to see that even though this is a sprite movie, chrono actually walks behind objects rather than around them. Very well done.

Cryokenetic responds:



Does this game go on forever?

Cryokenetic responds:

No. It's projected to end around the year 9999.

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4.33 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2004
12:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody