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The Fall of Gandalf

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Author Comments

Thank you for all that liked this and helped through submission (Yes I'm talking to the 3% of people that have voted on this flash). And a special thanks to all that have reviewed, no matter how obsence they may be.


Once upon a time there used to be 2 little piggys. The first one was from the country, the next was from the city. Both were brothers and lived happily apart. Now one day city pig got a call from his doctor saying that he needed more fiber because his bowl movements were too offensive. So he thought and thought how he could get more fiber into his diet. Could he eat more wheat bread? No, too many carbs. You'll die if you eat too many carbs! Why? Because rich people say so and they're always right...right...? Anyhow, he thought that he might call up his piggy brother out on the farm and ask if he could help him. But then he noticed that he wasn't using a phone to call him...he was using a banna phone! **** blantance ripoff/lawsuit **** So he had to drive all the way out to the country to see his brother. Along the way, he met many...birds....yeah....He finally arrived to his brothers house and what did he find? Hmmm? What did he find? Well your going to have to wait for the sequal to find out. And if everything has gone to plan, you have no idea why you are still reading this and quite possibliy cussing/annoyed at me. But you have to think to yourself...Did he really make me read this? Or not? Maybe? What time is it? And more importantly what time is the play?

Animation by turkeyindisguise
Preloader by csscblackbelt2000



This is so cool! Someone actually made something that everyone of all ages can luagh at (im 12) THUMBS UP x1,000. make a number 4.



turkeyindisguise responds:

Lol, yeah I should really restart making the next one. Been kind of lagging, if you know what I mean. But every good review that comes through, little more gets done I think. Of course I'll respond to a good review, it's the bad ones I find hard to. Peace


bet you won't respond to my review..

turkeyindisguise responds:

Ah, but there you are wrong. Everywhere else you pretty much are in touch with. Ah skeet!!

You lose.

This movie is proof that there is a conspiracy to keep crappy movies from being blammed.

1: The graphics. A 2-year-old can draw better than you.
Expected response: "How would you know? Are you a 2-year-old?"
Preemptive counter: No, I was using it as an example, OBVIOUSLY.

2: There was no effort put into anything. AT ALL.
Expected response: "Oh yeah? Well you've never made a flash at all, so NYAH!"
Counter: Have you ever been President? No? Then you just relinquished all right to criticize him.

Expected response: "What the hell are you talking about?"
Counter: You probably weren't amused by that statement. Said statement is as funny as any of the random crap in your movie. Now, it's possible to do randomness well, like Arfenhouse did. This movie is the opposite of that.

So, in conclusion, this movie is crap.
Expected response: "It was SUPPOSED to be crap, dumbass!"
Counter: Do you think that people who kill accidentally should be punished but people who kill deliberately should not? No? Then you just invalidated your own argument.

If you have a problem with my review, say it in the BBS and don't cower behind the one-review-per-submission clause.

People find this review helpful!
turkeyindisguise responds:

My, my, you've been busy haven't you? Do I really instill this much paranoia in reviews? That's pretty funny. I would have to say, your reviewing style is very...unique. But it is missing the main element that reviewing was really made to do: help the author make a better submission. See, you offer no advice (because you studied all my other reviews you know this is nothing new) and insult the author by calling his work crap. What good can come out of this? But still, to be able to end your ego-trip, I feel I must toil through this obnoxious review. You know, you are the kind of people that make this job difficult.

Your comparison of a two year old and my draw seems absurd. I doubt that a two year old could use flash, let alone prenouce it. And trying to make it animate, well, that's like trying to tell you that my stuff is funny.

By the way, I bet you are two years old, now that you mention it. That's about what maturity level you are showing us right now.

No effort? Wow, that's strange. I worked for at least a week and I didn't put any effort into it? Who are you to say there is no effort put into work until you actually work on something? Did you watch me and time me as I made FOG? No? Then how do you know how much effort I put into it then?! You anwser seems to be based on total bias and, once I again, you have not helped me make a better movie.

Have you ever submitted a movie? No? Then you just relinquished all right to criticize me. Sorry man, just using your words. Also, it appears that I cannot become president because of the following:
1) I was not born into a filthy rich family
2) I'm not from Texas (that seems like a prerequisite these days)
3) I'm under 35 years old therefore disqualifying myself to become president

But let's not get into polictics; this arguement is complicated enough.

Batten down the hatches...I'm cool with that. I'm cool with Arfenhouse. In fact, it was even at the top of my fav list (Until I found out that it was really popular. I don't like to have popular flashes on my fav list: it shows unorginallity.) I cool with randomness. What I'm not cool with is your conclusion that I wouldn't be amused with BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! How do you know what I'd like and dislike? Eh? I know quite well randomness is possible. Gandalf appears out of cave, dancing bannana appears, Gandalf throws fireball thing at bannana, bannana sets Gandalf on fire, Gandalf falls down and crazy things fly everywhere...please don't tell me that the opposite of random because you are only lying to yourself.

"Do you think that people who kill accidentally should be punished but people who kill deliberately should not?"

Ok, let's see here. My anwser is no. But this isn't killing people, this is making a flash movie. I'm having alittle trouble understanding how you link this to invaildating anything. Please tell whoever told you that bit of wisedom that they are crazy or if you made it up yourself, please make your anwser alittle less vague and weak. All I know is that this was made to be amusing, not to kill anyone (however I think that ending scene had a simlar effect...).

I lost? How did I lose? All I lost was 10 minutes of my life to anwser your review. I've wasted enough time on responding to this review (you should consider yourself lucky, most authors don't do this) to argue about this meaningless affair on the BBS. You can go pick your fights with someone else. I've heard your side, you've heard my side.

But if you MUST talk to me and keep me from "cowering", I suppose you can review my other submissions. I think you may like them alittle better, however I doubt it.

Since I couldn't fit all that I wanted to say, please go here where I have posted my full response to your review.


Speechless...well almost

Was it really necessary to make it looping at the end? You just could of have ended it. It has been a while since I seen the dancing banana in a submission. You need to work on your graphics, the dancing banana was easy since he is an existing sprite. I can handle the randomness and craziness, just need to make things look better.

People find this review helpful!
turkeyindisguise responds:

The looping was the most necessary asset of this movie. The looping was the end. Beileve me, the dancing banana was not that easy. Still, thank you for your reviews. You should really check out the IFs you missed, they are alot better. Especially 10.

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Credits & Info

2.17 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2004
12:27 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody