PALADIN episode 1

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please dont be unfair in judgements of minor unrealistic details. thank you for watching


Nicely done.

I quite liked this flash; the idea is interesting enough and I particularly liked the way you handled the aging transitions. Even the voice acting is good, all things considered (and especially when compared to some other submissions that manage decent scores). The one complaint I have is your choice of music; it really doesn't fit and pulls you out of the mood and setting which you seem to be going for.

Has great potential

I loved this flash, it difently shows that you put some effort in it. The only thing that i think needs work is where he draws the sword, you need to go more in depth in that. The transformation went to quickly. Antother thing, the paladin is to old, most people were fully trained by the age of 17 or 18, he looks more like 45. In responce to other replies, you can tell that the evil dude was not a paladin, for one, paladins are always good, if not they are a balck guard, two, the evil dude is a wizard that animated undead with a spell.
difently looking forward to seeing more from you.

I really like it.

I'm looking forward to the next episode, and all that follow, until the Paladin destroys the evil one and his army of undead. Really.

-Herr Rindfleischdunst

ps: I'm going to assume you made the priest look like Lloyd Bridges on purpose. It's just better that way. :D

mmm... greatness

teh shit. I just noticed a couple little things that got you the nine, which probably didnt mean n e thing at all. It wasnt all clear what was happening, like I didn't even realize who Paladin was (I'm thinking that Paladin was the kid picked up by the priest and stuff, but it coulda been the evil dude that woke the zombies) and why was the evil guy even waking the zombies, and how did he woke them up anyway.Another reason you got the 9 is because the end... The sword in the stone and the transforming deal almost ruined it. It would be cool if you stretched it out, kinda not making everything go fast, and it will last even longer... I got hopes, good job this time.

1 words WoW!!!

That wuz gr8 man can wait till part2!!

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Sep 20, 2004
10:41 PM EDT
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