Star Fox

September 19, 2004 –
December 19, 2008
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

I used fox sprites created by FlatFootedBoy, and I hand-modeled the Arwing in Wings3d.


never drive a high-tech jet fighter plane with a core that could take down godzilla drunk -_-

Nice work. Is Star Fox an actual sprite or is it Tails with some added things? Cause it certainly looks like Tails.

it was a funny vid keep it up

do a sequel random as this one loooool

this made no sense to me but ill still giv it a ten for fox reasons

funny parody! fox blasting toad is Funny. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 /10

Starfox is finally a flash movie worth watching, thx you.

***What I liked***
Way to make a starfox movie instead of a generic mario movie. Great job!

lol is there a fox on the ds?


He heh. funny

I have loved the Star Fox Series for as long as I have remembered and you have made me very happy with your flash or better known parody.
Okay.... first item on the list: Refrence, I like you gave the other Star Fox team members comments when Fox accidently shoots slippy.
It reminded me of when I was playing Laylat Wars in 2001 and I shot slippy and he said "Hey! What's the big idea!?" I like had a total black an white flashback (it doesn't just happen in the movies) My secound item on the list: Sprites.
Where does that sprite for fox come from? Because I have never seen it anywhere you must tell me!
Oh and what gave you the idea to make a flash of Star Fox?
Was it a) The awsome graphics.
b) Because it rulez,
or c) Becuase its the best series in gaming in the universe.
Everyone! Cast your votes________________________________
Anyway you have made a great flash and you should keep on working on them.
"Higgles out!"

thats a tails sprite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I liked how mario was kicked out of the movie in the beginning. Very creative and nicely done.

Fox kinda looked like tails,my favorite character!

great to see something not mario for once, and the fox is looking awsome with his bad mouthed friends :D

they are such bad fliers....haha
good stuff

"Oh, my rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" wtf, very random and SO FUNNY!

like i said above its all right

Hey Fox! watch this!

Awesome video. Great ending with Fox crashing and Mario landing. LOL

5/5 and 10/10!


Glad to see a video that can be funny without extreme use of blood, guts and sex.
and the comedy in this was by far something to get any body laughing :D
I may be late but congratulations and your score and award!
Good Luck in future projects and Good Luck on the sequel!(hopefully)
cya' round! :D


That was hilarious! Please finish this movie!

he'll never finish the best movie ever

taht stance from the begining is megamans semi-trademarked stance. and it is tail's top half w/ some grey sprites added

It wasn't bad. What I don't get is how so many people realized the sprite is part tails YET are oblivious to the fact that the lower half is MEGA MAN'S SPRITE. Besides, he said he used someone else's sprites, so don't get onto him about that. It's all about the content, and the content was fine.

That fox sprite looked a little too much like Tails from Sonic 2. Still the movie was great. "Now it's time for another long, boring Mario movie!" Hey, wasn't that intermission music from the end of Monty Python & the Holy Grail? AWESOME!

first off there are no fox sprites he never gets out of his ship in the origanal buddy,
second nice job the slippy part was funny

i liked that part and the one that slippy falls.(sweet)

Twas ok...but you shoulda used a Fox sprite...not the Tails in disguise.

It's just me or Star Fox is a Tails Sprite transformed?


hey when you look closer he looks like TAILS sorta

This flash is awsome

hey watch you fire asshole!
keep it up

That was hillarious.

Keep up with the humor.
You are funny man.
Do sequal...
Or World not better place.

Keep up good work.

I've checked this out since the time I started checking out homestar runner. but when's the sequel commin out?

Ok you made me laugh when Slippy did his lil trick. Hilarious!

I loved its randomness. It was just random especially with Mario and Toad and then fox came and killed him. And what the hell is with this teddy crap? Anyways, the movie was great. for real.

i laughed alot at the flying part, but the movie was too short and totally pointless. And, the arwing you modeled looked kinda crappy.(when its compared to the actual arwing). overall, it was okay.

I mean...the only way you would get a great laugh (like i did) out of this animation would be if u played Star Fox on the SNES. LOVED IT!

It was kinda funny, but there really wasn't a point to the whole thing. He just flies around, then dies. And where's the sequel? By the way, the Fox sprites are pretty cool, but you can obviously see that it's a MegaMan sprite with Tails's head.

...So does Slippy, though it can be said that Mario does not :P

And what was that massive monster after he blew up StrawberryLock?

I love the party where trippy "said watch this!" and the result :D lol
I enjoyed the beginning aswell!

This was like, completly random stuff put together involving Star Fox. Oh well. They can't all be decent.

worth watching and gives you a prospective on mario moviess

Man, you couldv'e made of Andross or at least Star Wolf. Well anyway I did kinda find it funny with slippy's saying when foz fired at him, "watch your fire, #######". Well anyway it was a lil' too short but still good, this movie just didn't do good with the humor at the midway point.
But were's your sequel?

nice. thought it was great. loved itwhen ol ridey got splattered.

Dear Creator,
This was very funny cause I hate that flying FUCK Slippy.
Make another soon please.

Sly Rambo

Oh snap that was funny!!!! ah it could be longer I guess but i liked it still keep it coming ma

Love the Monty Python and the holy grail thing!!!!

that flash was pretty good though the sprite animation could've been a bit more smoother and the flash needs to be a bit longer. keep em comin and nice work.

star fox looks like tails with no tail your right!!!

Star Fox looks like tails. or maybe it is? Good Job Dude er to much Gangster Movies again -.-

that was wicked sweet dude, i cant wait for numbuh 2 to come out!


I was gonna give you a so-so overall untill I heard the Monty Python "Intermission" song. XD!

Mario shot Fox down!

Of course, you would only like this movie if you were born into the generation of SNES owners. The whole point is everybody makes Mario based flashes. But this one heavily criticizes that and uses another nintendo character.

Besides, Starfox kicks so much more ass than mario. Star fox for SNES was the best game I ever played for the consule, not to mention the most grapgically intense game possible for the SNES.

If you don't take my word for it, the original game can easily be downloaded these days. Oh the fun of a forward scrolling space shooter that is so hard it will have you screaming with frustration.

As for the movie, the sprites were very well done and I hope you make more like it soon. Very funny as well, though honestly Graphics could be improved. But that will come as you become a more experienced flash artist.

I'm not immpressed.Another boaring Mario movie?The ending dosen't even makes sence.

well im SURE that those were tails the fox sprites just with fox's clothes and armor so you really need to look for sprites better and dont rush it.

it was not great but it was good but i did not get the end much but that might just be

I liked the part makng fun of classic Starfox.

I like Star fox.

This movie could have been much better. The graphics were terrible, and the humor based mainly on bad language. Also, the flying portion was much too short. Do a barrel roll.

ROFLWAFFLES!!! I dunno why that was so funny but i couldn't stop laughing.

it was pretty good

whos the guy who goes..."OH MY GOD!" it was so funny. But i dont want to runi it for the ppl who havent seen it yet. But over all GOOD!

Just with a bit more machinery.

Y'know, Star VIXEN would be a good parody... eeeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehe

That was pretty random but it was good and funny. The graphics was pretty good and the ship that starfox was in was pretty good graphics. I though the fox looked like Tales from Sonic the Hedgehog. I give that out of 8

you wannaknow something retarded krystal from starcraft assualt is perverted i say hey touching herself in one of the cinematics!

(7 humor cause of the mario hand thing)

I think I know how that star fox sprite was made, I think its just tails in futuristic armour am i right or wrong?

HEHE i wonder happens next but the mouse thubg that flew buy was hilarious OH MY ROD!!!

thats one of the best starfox parodies ever! Was thatfeed the gods? And nice Python references!

That was beautifull!tarfox is one of my favorites, and you just convinced me to bust out my snes again! Man I was ROFLing, literally! Keeping making more, please!

you're right, everyone understands the mario shit by now.
good movie, but the violence is more than mild (thats not youre fault, just had to say it)

way to put monty python in there. :D

it's about damn time someone made a parody os starfox!!

I've been waiting for a Starfox parody flash for the longest and i was surely not disappointed in this one,the beginning had me in tears i was laughing so hard and then in the airship was funny as hell too and it was sort of a low blow to all mario flash artists but oh well they can eat it. =P

Finally, a parody of Star Fox! Really great work dude :)

nice use of Tails sprite

Oh that was a good one!

I pulled out the original Star Fox game last night for nostalgia!
You really know how to humiliate Slippy, and you also made good use of the character's "talking"....

Thumbs up!

dude, i almost shat all overmyself. that was so funni. the funniest is when u added mario fallin at the end

Haha, idiot crashed the Arwing...Maybe he should've checked his G-Difusser...

So funny.He broke his arwing.How did you make this flash?

damn frog he never could fly, love the original music.

Next time, use REAL Star Fox sprites. And if you do sprites, make sure everything else is a sprite; Mixing sprites and drawn stuff is ugiler than shit. Everyone sucks except Fox. Stop liking Falco, you chicken fans!

that was just tails head and mega mans body just colored different

Awesome Arwing work, and the humor was awesome :D.

It's kinda good, but you need a hell lot more detail. LOTS AND LOTS OF DETAIL! When's the sequel?

Star Fox (Starwing in England) was always one of my favourite games. The music on Corneria was fucking ace. Where can I get that!

my favorite part is the monty python intermission

That was really funny when slippys wings blew up. What the hell was with the intermission? It wasn't even that funny in Monty Python.

That was so funny! I liked the part when Slippy blew up and the intermission started!

I love your sence of humor! You're going on my favorites! =D
I'd say my favorite part was when slippy went boom!

-NekoBoy911 the catboy (''')^-^(''')

Two things I kind of liked most about this flash...were the ideas. The first one was doing it on Star Fox. The second was altering Tails from the Sonic series to look like Star Fox, converted to Mario style graphics in the begining. Everything else was alright.

Your excellent spriting made this movie great man, and the flying scenes made me laugh really hard.

that was cool and all, but when do you plan to continue this? i wanna find out what happens... just my opinion. but seriously, WHEN WILL IT BE CONTINUED? hopefully sometime very soon in the future

OMFG THIS PWNED YOU ALL!!!! No, I'm not speaking n00b. I swear I loved this flash!!

fun stuff right there. You should continue making these types of things. But otherwise it sucked ass.

I saw those sprites made by FFB over at SWS2B. (Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta, no I'm not trying to promote this site.) Does he go there?

1 who was the guy that said "oh my rod"

2 was one of the sprites for FFB tails?

Finally, a movie about Star Fox. He's cool!

On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd rate this an 11.

all around a very good flash movie.good sound very good quality picture. full 10's!

Hooo boy... that made me snort my cola XD God-damn, that was jus too funny... liked the chuck-mario bit too X3

Got a few laughs out of me but you shoud make this better it wasn't long enough

didn't actually like this movie and why it did came to the front page, probably you are tom's fulp friend.......... that last song was very familiar, but I have to give you a 6 because I missed something, I thought it was too mixed up... from one part to another part, it was probably your intention maby the following parts will clear that up? well I hope the next parts are better :)

How this made the Newgrounds front page, I shall never know. . . Then again, I'll never know what goes through the minds of folks who pick this stuff out. . . But, I degress.

This movie is basically the same old, same old, even though it tries to be different by. . .well. . .not being a Mario movie. Yay. So, what do we have here? We have a movie containing a little Mario introduction, then along comes Fox McCloud(done in Rockman 7-style and using Miles' head and one of his tails, both from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, from the looks of it) who blasts Kinopio(Toad) and depresses Mario. Aww. . .too bad, so sad.
What comes next? Arwing fighters! Cameos by some critter I can't place, StrawberryClock, and Ridley of Metroid Fame! Stupid aerial stunts done by Slippy Toad and Fox McCloud! Then, the finale. Fox crashes his Arwing in a loop-de-loop, then gets pissed. At Mario? At himself? At the people watching? Who knows. Who cares? Not me, that's for sure.

Now. . . As previously stated, the Fox McCloud sprites are (really bad)Rockman recolours/resprites mixed with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 sprites of Miles' head and one of his tails. Not the author's fault. These are about the "best" sprites out of all the Fox McCloud sprites out there, unfortunately. Still, props to FlatFootedBoy for trying. Anyway. . . The backgrounds(aside from World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. 3) are very dull and bland, leaving much to the imagination. Yes, I know that's how the original Starfox 3D realms were, too. . .Including the dots on the ground. Yes, the author made sure to replicate a standard Starfox stage right down to the moving dots on the ground. Bravo. Speaking of Starfox. . .the Arwing fighters were. . .eh. . .accurate. Accurate enough, anyway. But they could've been done better.
Moving along, the style -- be it pure randomness possessed by utter boredom, or intentional stupidity laced with. . .well. . .more stupidity -- is not that original. We've seen random movies before. Just because this one has some Arwing fighters flying about doesn't make it special. The violence is also not that high. There's some light blood towards the end, Kinopio, as I said, gets vaporized, and Fox shoots stuff with his Arwing, but that's about it. It's also slightly amusing in some places, but again, there's nothing here we haven't seen about a thousand times over in other movies, both drawn, and sprited. And finally. . .the sound is about the only decent thing in the movie to speak of. It was ranked high because all the music and sound effects were crystal clear, and accurate. Everything from random sound effects from Mario to the music and sounds from Starfox were painstakingly replicated here.

So. . .in summary. I believe this movie is alright. . . Not really worth more than one or two views, if only to check and see if you missed anything. . .and certainly not front page material. Again, this is just my opinion. Obviously, upwards of 4,500-some votes(at a guess) and several reviews before me say the contrary.

WTF??!! :D

I'm so sick of every asshole who makes a sprite movie making it "to be continued." Why do you do this? You've got more than enough file space left for the animation, the story isn't nearly enough to be considered complete even for just one episode, and you're probably going to just abandon the series like everyone else does. Get off your lazy ass and try to submit an actually complete anim.

lol not to much humour. The only parts that got me laughing was when fox killed the stupid mushroom prick and when they crashed their ships. Especialy that guy... "Watch this!" flys through hoop and crashes, that was funny.

What the crap?! Well, at least you left Krystal out of it.

I must say, few parts got me laughing, but really not much of a plot, pretty slow. Kinda random, but nothing much happened. I didn't particuarly like the Arwings though, bit dodgy, worth a 3.

Not too bad, not too good either, but nice work all the same. Loved the music, but dodgy sound effects, especially of the voices.


o_O ???

Good work man, this was pretty funny. My only complaint was that it didn't seem like there was much to it. Try to make a longer one next time.

Ps. Love the Monty Python reference!!!!

I like all of your VG work, Bryan, but you really need to update your library of sounds. how many submissions have u made with the sound "son of a bitch" in them?

AWEsome movie, man. creative as hell. keep it up!!

Lol great movie!

Few submissions can even come close to this. Extremely funny!!!

I loved the monty python reference!

I was laughing through most of this..I loved that game

Remember whenever that asshole falcon guy said stuff it sounded like he was saying "we be jammin"? yeah i remember...oh good times...that game was the shizzle ...great flash!

Hell, I love sf the game but I wish the flash could have been alittle bit better. owell beter luck next time.

See, i give points to you for style, not alot of people make Star Fox out of Tails. That was pretty cool.

The beginning was good, but the rest that followed sucked. No Offence. But you killed Slippy, So, I rejoyce.

Again, i say, Nice try.

Sprite looked a hell like Tails.

It was too short AND it stopped when something good was about to happen!Anyway it was boring!

A pretty good movie, I especially liked the starfox sprite. Good use of the original sounds from the game, especially the garble crap that was supposed to be voices from the snes one. Good work, I look forward to the continuations.

funny and... KICKS ASS!!!

Wasnt funny bad anmation but nice sound and humor was way to random. Its was ok but chould have been better.

i dont... huh? wait whats with the random flying part and when the bubble tea guy said oh my rod at random.

that was great and (intemision) funny all around

must make more

wierd but good i wish that fox had died

very nice dude
i just finished beating star fox again today
i have a gc xbox and a ps2 but i still like too plat star fox ocarina of time and quest 64

For a start that looked nothing like a star wing, also that was absolute bollocks!

i dont know how you can say mario flashes are bad then go ahead and make somthing what really blowed, if anyones genna try and take on mario atleast take your time on the flashes so you have a Chance of Rivalling him.

Looks like Miles Prower with a mohawk. Its really good tho! But what is it with Foxes and flying??? O.O

Oh my rod? What the heck is that? Anyway, I loved the characters, which were captured perfectly, and also the intermission music. However, Mario should have died more painfully...

what should i say? It wasnt that good but it wasnt
bad either.

yeah i likes... but the mario arty was the best

lol that was funny

The best part was with the ring. 5

i dont really get it...

I used to play the first Star Fox and that brought back old memories. Good times!


I agree that there are far to many of those mario flashes on this website, and that Star Fox doesn't get enough attention. The mushroom had it coming.

Fight the power

it was kinda good(only because ive seen only one starfox flash) but i think a starfox game would be pretty good.


It was okay. Your Star Foxx guy looks like Tails and Mega Man combined... I thought that was pretty good. Yea... kinda shizzy ending though... hope it gets better.

If it wasnt for the monty python intermission, this would be close to nothing : )

this was... interesting
but not very good
imma give it a 3

Not bad, not bad, I'm looking 4ward 3 the next part.

Mkay , it was okay but not my sense of Humor , but it showed all the things that would the real game look more realistic ;) .


I never thought about StarFox 'One' after playing the sequel and totally forgetting about it altogether after that, but after watching this, it made me laugh like crazy, you had the sounds and everything and the part when Slippy blows up to his death trying to go through that ring just had me bursting out - I think I woke my dad on that one, good one man!

i loved this especially the holy grail intermission sequence....i cant wait ot see fox blast that fatass mario man in the next 1

it was alright

Best sprite movie thingy i've seen so far.

this is stupid and i starting to hate some of these "nintendo-look-alike" flashes!

How in the hell did this make the front page? There's no story line, little plot development, and a bunch of random shit. It wasn't even remotely funny... don't mean to sound abusive here, as the Flash design was alright. But, I don't understand how this is front page material...

I voted five! People who played star fox will love this one! Back in 1993 star fox was my favorite game untill secret of mana came out!!

Well it was alright i expected more.. in a star fox flash.. this flash was a little bland .. you might wanna spicen things up in the sequel flash.. Mario was a nice cameo i expect to see him in the next flash too.. Good job!

well I have seen better, but SOMEBODY HAD TO SHOW TOAD, WHO'S BOSS!

i'm disappointed that this made the front page... there had to have been SOMETHING better to have given a front page spot to

i like the part when fox's ship crashes. i noticed somthing you put tails' head on megamans body an d added a tail an then put a different color for megamans body

Something new and special :) liked it.more please i dont want another boring mario movie ^^

it was ok...gj...and wtf is up wit you spudnik1...tails?...and i didnt see any ST outfit?....wtf

Dont listen to Spudnik...lol i bet hes never played the original star fox for nitendo....BHAHhaha thats funny

holy shit man i loved it. i love starfox and this is a godsend damn dude keep em coming

I think this was on the front page because everyone hates clock crew.

its tails from sonic with megamans legs and in a star fox suit... heh great stuff.... i really liked it hurry with the next one...

cant ever go wrong with sprites....

lol just kidding even though you killed me it was pretty funny

Im not uch of a fan for sprites but that was good.

It was good for a few chuckles, but it kind of bored me. The mario bit in the beginning was good though.

First Toad and his lil rant about the whole "Long, everyone's seen it before," Mario movie, then, "Damn Straight" and the ounk music goes on.
Mario: Guess I'm not staring in this movie.

I love the old computer game flashes when they are made funny. Alot of them are taking the piss, but you got this one right. Good work my friend.

i see you like the holy grail! HAHA! me too. The animation was a good attempt...that mario shit is always going on...but if you put a tiny bit more thinking in this cartoon...i think it waould do great! ;D


Almighty Hans

it's good... try doind something.... more Interactivity... ok???

I know I know how you made fox....he's a mix of megaman and tail

it was good.. at first star fox looked like tails from sonic to me.. lol

You did well now have some twinkies TWINKES FOR EVERYONE!!!


im still laughing my ass off about this one.I love the deathmetal cue as well.good job!

that was an aight parody of starfox. also can some1 plz tell me how the fuck to deposit points, im kinda new and i didnt read anything so ya. i know im retartded btw so dont tell me that

because you stole it from Monty Python :/

That wasnt too funny

8 words, my friend... WHY DO I HAVE TO BE THE BUNNY

That Anasha dude was right..

Everything was fine until Toad's speech ended.

Just.. What the fuck is this shit?

the star fox sprite is made of more than 1 sprite, am i right? cuz i saw a little bit mega man and tails some where.

So people actually find humor in this? How? I thought it was stupid like most of the other flash animations submitted to this site.

that was cool, it was just like the old starfox game.

The concept seems fine but damn you can't draw for shit.

love it

great ass kicken flash keep it up. can't wait for the next one.

1993 (Not to clear on the release date), when i hit the KB toys store to find this highly advaced looking game(Star Fox). From then on is history...

Was fun to watch provided your in the right mood.
Good movie, good luck on your future projects.

Would it be possible to remake Starfox Game with flash i see you acheived the basis for it. Someone should look into that.

That was good job, dude...

ha ha well done
the start is amazing how it looks like
it is going to be another lame mario thing
( nice shot fox )
the intermission from monty python is amazing
and the ' oh my rod! ! ' ' will go
down in the books
well done [claps]

you sir, have made a mockery of flash with a plot almost as stupid as arfen house, for this I love you

I never expected the beggining to make fun of the overpopulated Mario spoofs, and the intermission that was random too. heh I hope to see more from you, Good job

...a blam point..
but ,hey, not bad...
like your style..

But i couldn't pull away! :o(
I was so close to closing the animation, but the randomness got to me; so i just cracked up laughing!

Congratulations on making me look like a total jackass in school! :o)

Here's a 9 and a 4


Really good snes recreation!
I couln`t stop laughing at that intermission bit!
ALtough Monty-python did it in HOly grail!
BUT thats my favorit movie so THIS MOVIE RULEZ!

didnt i see someone do somethign like this with sonic the headgehog?

Little short no jokes and its not realy serious so what is it???? i think 6 is a fair overall

Kinda sucked, woulda completley trashed it if it werent for the homage to Monty Pyton. That saved it. All in all, a good use of sprites. Not bad.

Great movie. Very excellent use of sprites there. Could use a little work, but other than that, I liked it. Good job.

really really really really really really really really really really really really really really
the only good part was the whole mario thing at the beginnin but that still wasnt very good

When I first started watching this movie, the first thing I see is Mario so I thought the title had tricked me but boy was I wrong. I'm glad I stayed watching it or I wouldn't have known it was a movie about Star Fox after all. I liked how Mario was interupted by Star Fox and then he realized it wasn't his movie after all and the graphics reminded me of the SNES Star Fox. I've only played the game once even though I have it. I found it sad when he crashed and it was funny when mario finally landed on the ground from being thrown up in the air by the hand. So I give it a 10.

how the fuck could you NOT know who starfox is... I mean its like one of the best games on the nintendo systems, anyhoo it was a good flash and i liked the beginning the most but DANM MAN THE GUY BEFORE ME IS A FUCK OFF WHO HASNT POISEND HIS MIND WITH VIDEO GAMES... jerk ofF, GREAT FLASH!

if u like star fox then its ur type,but i got no idea hu this fox is,aniway,it was funni and the beggining was most funni, but it could do wif beta graphics on the jetz....

As somebody who loves Star Fox more than his friends, family, country, and yes, even all the fully figured students at Sonora High School (about 250ish), allow me to say that I love you. If you were a girl, or I was gay, I would try to marry you.

It was funny and a good flash to watch. I enjoyed it.

Nice graphics, like with the 3D ship and sprites. There were about 2 or 3 Laugh-Aloud's in that flash, and i usually dont see any..so that was refreshing. Great flash, and uh, thanks for making it. You should think up some creative, cool, funnny shit for the next one. Because some ppl fuck up their sequels...Dont.

good movie and funny but next time make it more fox mc cloud and less tails. oh yea feel on these
/ . /( o ) ( o ) \ . \

Love the intermission...Monty Python's awesome. That was pretty funny, keep it up!

This one was pretty good. It was funny and had a nice edge to it. I love the video game parodies and I hope to see a sequel (or perhaps a few). Nice work.

A very nice movie, except i wish it would have lasted like... 5 times longer. lol

Just being curious here, did you use the Miles "Tails" Prowler sprite from Sonic the hedgehog to make up starfox? It looked like it.

i likey!

Good movie. Nice working Mario into this. And he lives in the end. Good job.

Lets see some more of this sh*t!!!!

Let me start off by saymig its not all bad (i give credit were credit is due) when the buddy try to fly through the hoop but just crashed and burned was to my liking but most of the graphics were below par there is no plot or sense if whats going to happen next so at the end it leaves me not intersted in what is about to happen next (that monster that appeared out of nowhere but they just flew through it pissed me off)

How the hell did THIS get fp? I did better than this on Iota(tm) ANIMATOR 5 fucking years ago!

Well its nice to see a flash thats Starfox for once.
The graphics are well done, as with the sound and style, but its weak point is the humour. That could use some fixing up. Dont get me wrong, its a good movie, it just could be a little better.

Thank you a fucking star fox flash * bows downs* Good job hurry with the 2nd one

So let me get this straight. StarFox carelessly crashes his own ship, becomes pissed off despite the fact that it was his fault, and then it's To Be Continued? What the fuck dude...

Other than that, you had a point. Too many Mario cartoons and not enough StarFox.


it sucked! Yay! hmm..

I can't say I'm really all that impressed.

The Fox sprites are Megaman 7 edits with Tails' head and tail, got it?!

There wasn't much humor in it, but I like your timing on the intermission(it fit a lot better there than it did in MP and the Holy Grail). Just... Try some frame-by-framing sometime. All these motion tweened movies make me sick.

nice start but then, turns kind of boring, there is too much diference between pixel graphics parts and the non pixel ones(space ships) they kind of mix all of a sudden.

It was a bit too short. Oh and those sprites are from Sonic 2. It is Tails' face but with some cool modifications. Maybe make a bigger flash without taking too much time on a specific scene in 2nd part.

Star Fox is still cool. That's why this movie is funnier than ever burning on Mario and the rest of the Nintendo gang.

I hate Mario for being so famous, and I've always been a Sonic fan since the Sega's Sonic 2: the Hedgehog. And that fox looked kind of like Tails but I don't know who he actually is.

Wow, this is new, Star Fox owns Mario, Star Fox Rox!!! Yeah anyway, "Oh My Rod!" was the best part of this, and the intermission music was catchy *Do Do Do, Do Do Do, Do Do Do Do Do Do Do, Do Do Do Doo*

uneventful. not very pleasing to the eye. nout. absolutley nout.

THIS !? on the main page....This movie isnt funny a bit

Very Random... loved the monty pithon "intermishion" too short, cant wait for the "continued" OH MY ROD!!

I really enjoyed this flash! The script was new and very original. I really cant think of any major problems at all....except that it was really short. add another two minutes to it and it probably would have gotten a then from me. Awesome job! Send more our way soon.(intermission was a great idea!)

Really funny. Great use of the orignal games music and character voices. I also like the cool looking Fox Sprite.

you're totally fucking right!! great flash movie too i give you that.

Loved it, Kill mario somemore!

its gd and different nice mario intro but it looks like u've tried to put a story to it and it dnt make sense i mean he crashed den started frownin y? but i still gave it a 5 coz i liked it keep it up.

where did you get the monty python music?!?!? GREAT IDEA to put it in with the intermission. Also, i loved mario landing at the end

It had some good points, but nothing real special. Slippy getting his wings clipped was probably the only really funny part.

The Monty Python reference was horrible. If you're going to reference something, you do it sneaky and subtly. You dont just blatantly rip them off.

The mario intro, though it makes a good point, was really unnecessary.

Good use of sprites, but the Arwing scene needed a little work graphically.

Also, at the end there... that was tails. Our little two tailed friend from Sonic seems to have just put on a few sprites to make himself a Fox helmet. Can't blame ya though. I probably would have done the same thing.

You kinda ruined the movie with the little mario intro but oh well, it's pretty good parody.
All around greatness!
Congrats on the front page!
Great accomplishment!

I don't know what the guy above me was thinking, but this was really funny. Whoever made this has played Star Fox as much as I have, to have this much fun with the characters. Go with a sequel!

That was pretty funny especially the monte python thing lol.

That was funny especially with the oh my rod and slippy losing his wings and dieing nice work

Props for the Monty Python reference.

Very original, mario even said it, lol
A few good funny jokes in there, i like the way you used the old starwing style, a little short for my liking, but i will be watching out for the next one :)
"Watch this! watch this!" lmao

a ten for being a good ORIGINAL video game flash movie. mario said it best in the beginning, thanks.

Dude i liked the secion on mario much more than the actual stuff on fox. it wasnt good at all, i thought you were going to have fox out of his ship like in the newer game on gamecube. it wasnt very creative. i think i'll go watch some mario flashes now...

See above line...

that was great! definitely not the usual sprite toon.

btw, the intermission music is from the end of the movie monty python and the search for the holy grail.

my god that was great.where did you get the intermission music from

oh my rod! XD gj d00d... but still confused on how this got on front page XP

That was a good movie but the intermission was to close to the end.

Not the best flash in the world, still good and enjoyable, maybe didn't deserve the front page, But congrats anyway man :-)

I laughed at that part.... uh, the rest of the movie was..... ok.

I realize I'm too easily amused, so lay off!

Well, it is good to see some Star Fox... a bit dull though.

That intermission was COMPLETELY ripped off the holy grail, you bastard!

that was dull and didnt deserve the front page...

Loved it!

Funny stuff

Star Fox was fucking awesome back in its Super NES days, and it's only gotten better from there. This is the shit!

The Fox sprite looked like Tails. Best part in this movie was when frog said "Watch this!" and there goes the wings. I'm waiting for the seguel.

Not bad, shame fox looks like tails from the sonic games, just ruined the experience for me.

I look forward to any sequels, the arwings were good, and so were the dialogs.

this is first class funny shit

omg, this was so tight! im so glad to see more and more starfox movies that are good, and this was great! props on the tails and megaman sprites morphed into fox, really creative! short and sweet, that was pure hilarity!! make more!!!!!!

I think you captured the main points of each character in star fox. It's too short though, update, and make a game or a preloader or something! This reminds me of how annoying that game was.. I felt like I was trying to masturbate with a razor blade.

That Rocked!!!

im still... Haha!!... laughing!!!

as for the guy before me, I clearly see why this made the homepage!!!

I didnt like it at all. How did this make the homepage?

U all suck this movie was funny hahhahahhaahha

Nice i liked it, how u killed mario, that was fun i watched it a few times. make more!

great movie and btw is there gona be a mario mishaps 3?

this movie was great i can't wait for the next one but i sware thats tails form sonic that you made look like fox plz tell me if i'm right

Did anyone else think that Fox looked a whole lot like tails with foxs clothes on?

This is pretty good, it even has the original SNES sounds of the characters. It was pretty well done and I especially liked the fact that Fox shot Toad for no reason.

The "o my Rod" guy got a smile outta me, other than that it was just a bit boring... It kinda annoyed me that you killed soo much of the time with the "intermission" other than that, acceptable

i dont want it to be continued

wow, that was shet... I can't even look at it anymore

This movie just sucked, end of story. That humor wasn't there, and it wasn't funny at all. But that is just my opinion.

Front page? Am I missing something? Granted it is better than anything I could do, but that's not saying much. None of it was particullarly exciting or funny. The best part was the intermission music (from Monty Poython and the Holy Grail, I believe). A mediocre clip.

What was that!? Graphics sucks, sound sucked and what was in the flash sucked. Concept was okay, though, but those Mario parodies are ALL way better.

all in all it was still a sprite movie...but it was funny...

Pretty damn stupid, but got a couple laughs out of it. I agree about that mario shit. Nice work. Can't wait to see the next one.

Cuz I said so.... good movie!

finaly someone killed that bloody strwberry clock...

That was short and boring.

it went down hill after the fliying

Right...... I've been seeing a lot of great flash movies on Newgrounds, and this is not one, so that is what I'm gonna be grading this on. This has no plot, no flow in art, and no point. It reminds me of those mess around movies where the animator jus wanted something to do and it becomes gibberish. This movie is not horrible, dont get me wrong, but it should be as far away from the frontpage as possible. It was a good idea but I personally wouldnt have even submited it without a lot more work.

Im not saying its total crap. There are things you could do to make i, you know... of average quality. It would require ALOT of work to make this enjoyable by anyone who actually knows how to criticize and doesnt just vote blindly based on their personal likes/dislikes for the sole purpose of acquiring experience.

This submission was horribly lame. It would pass into newgrounds itself, but being that someone clearly made a mistake I am voting you in comparison to truly quality flash which is why you are receiving such a low score.

You need to be more original, you need to be more serious, and you need to have a story, Raw emotion just doesn't cut it.

that was alrite, keep up the good work mate!

I love it, very original. I don’t wanna accidentally leave any spoilers so ill just leave it at this. Oh yeah can't wait for the next part.

Good intro with mario, even with him getting booted out. The music was okay.

u have 2 have played starfox 2 get it

this just rule!

Well, I didn't think it was a bad as the guy before me said it was...yes, it was short, but it had some endearing points (the intro, shooting Slippy). If only the original game had been something like that...

This is stupid. Its not funny. Its not difficult to do in the least. Its not long. I'll tell you what it is though, a waste of everyones time.

That was very original that I gave this a ten. I really liked the part when Slippy was blown up by the health ring.

That was so original I liked it.You did a good job on the 3D.Also it was funny how Strawberry Clock and Ridley showed up.Also you made a point ther is to many Mario movies.


Starfox woohaa , very nice, That was i think the first game i ever played and boy was i addicted :P

Thx for making this =D! gj!

That was amusing, but a little too short...the strawberry clock was a nice touch. I liked how Mario showed up at the end! I think you need to add more to this!

and so true about statfox but really got me to give you a 9 was that o my rod i loved that random stuff.

It wasn't that great, but you do pose a good point. there is way too much fucking mario shit around here. Lets see something different! For that, I won't blam your submission, but I hope your next one is alot better.


over all this Flash stinks..!! nothing much to say but it stinks!!!

First of all i loved how this is something other than some boring mario sprite movie.

But it was too short and didn't have all tooo many jokes, and also it woulda been cool if u made the ship like a sprite and the backround when they were flying was a bit dull, good sound and other things too

I dont really think this deserved the frontpage but whatever glad to see ur work in the future

a fairly good sprite flash...
pretty funny....but i think the intermission is abit old now....but overall good

one of the best ive seen in a long time

and master_Vicious, before calling someone a faggot maybe you should learn how to spell it you illiterate cunt

maybe i should note my dad looks like mario?
Mario is a faggit and fox should have shot his fucking head off. the story was entertaining i liked the style of humor, graphics not so much...as to be shit but i award you my highest rating today.
I'm soooooo proud!

How on earth did this make front page? This could have been so, so much better. It's like you hardly made any effort at all.

It was too short, but in a way it felt too long. The jokes used just weren't funny, and they were too far apart (at least, that's the way it felt). The graphics... Well... I'd say that they were bland and unimaginative, but that's pretty much how Starfox's graphics were.

Intermission? Yous gottas to be kidding me.

ok i dont c the point in it DNT bother watching it and dnt bother passing on the url of that ****


Well i swear fox looks like tails.. :)

Anyways it was a bit too short but the little content there was good.

The end said "To be continued. . . " I sure hope that was a joke. This was NOT humerous, entertaining, or, in my opinion, not even worth being on newgrounds.

I have to agree with this guy, it wasn't that funny even with the nintendo references. I'm not a real big nintendo fan anyway>< Fuck Gamecube

...if people just cum over your work because of Nintendo references and tell you how awesome you are, you're bound to make more shit like this. Word of advice, DON'T!

woo loving the monty python refrence for that you get 10 ^.^

Now this is some damn funny randomity right here! Who the fuck needs a fanboy inspired story which more then likely has a matrix/dbz style fight at some point, when you can do crazy funny shit like this instead? Interesting how you combined a Tails and Megaman sprite to make Starfox, keep up the good work! Am interested to see what happens next XD

but funny, like that you tossed mario and the mushroom head around, good stuff

I liked the mix of 8-bit and normal flash. All and all it was a good beginning. My only complaint was the intermission break. It was a copy of Monty Python, and only Monty Python can do Monty Python.

I didn't like the combination of pixel sprits and vector shapes, pick one or the other, and if your going to do pixel drawings, make them look like they're made out of pixels, not just a bunch of boxes someone put together in flash. The sound effects were nice, despite the fact that you ripped them from games. I did like the part where slippy crashed.

could be a little longer...pretty funny still i think

I don't think its funny. I think.. I think... It's okay. I guess.

funny...great job

this was an awsome flash comedy and action nice job!

on ething both erd me

Short, but funny. Nice refference to the millions of boring, badly animated sprite-rip toons here on NG.

This one was a bit short. But I like it. It definately deserves a 7 at least.

nice.... good refrences to strawberry, ridly and monty python...

not bad, made me laugh a bit

C'mon man,if Mario is gona be put in a flash which isnt gonna star him at least make it more decent for him. Fox does look good in Megaman sprites. I give it a fair rating.

I like it!

the monty python was the best though

That was really funny, Fox is one of my hero's, yeah I know I say I love Sonic and Dragon Ball Z but I really love thame all so keep up the good work.
oh and one more thing... DO NOT DO ANOTHER TO BE CONTINEU OK???!!!

Seeing toad getting blasted away really made my day. The use of the sprites in this cartoon was really good. nice touch on the intermission there keep up the nicee work

You took a starfox sprite from someone else....and created a parody. Im not a fan of parodies because they are just taken work of someone else. Anyone could do a parody even if it isnt mario, sonic or any popular series. I will hand it to you if you did create the arwings yourself.

Just the way I like it. I love that Star Fox sprite.

Lol that was wacky. Couldve been a bit better though. but still lol.

nice flash quite funny keep on the good work

I don't see why anyone thinks this is cool. It was to be blunt crap. I have made better flash movies, and i suck at flash.

It could have been better. It was pretty short, but most of the parodizing that it was was pretty good.

I have seen this about 5 times now and it is the funniest thing to see the froggy crash!! Awesome

That was so hilarious! Everything about it was so funny, and most of it was funny because it was true too! The graphics were pretty well done, that is the 3D effects on the ships and such, but mostly I think the humour was the main feature. Well done!

That was the best man! I've never laughed so hard over a flash! The reminisant sounds of the intercom and all! Haha, I loved it when the frog (forgot the name) goes "watch this" because it's just so true! I love you man!

Okay, it was funny to pick on the idea of Mario. And yes, I have to agree, there is too many damn movies for him. It was nice to see something alittle more original, with the Star Fox idea. Definatly good when toad gets blasted and Mario gets thrown and the little Smash Brother's star happens. Nice style.

Nice use of the pixal-art, Fox's jump reminded me of some megaman games in the way he jumped

Thiz iz a freakin awesome submission! Plz tell me when the sequel iz!

only 1 1/2 M?
it's nice to watch somethn different tho
pretty good
keep it up and k33p 'em kummin

heh, that was freakin awsome I think more people should incorperate James "Star Fox" McCloud more often.

oh ha ha HE HE OOOH HA HA that star fox ohhhhhhh
that was a goood one he he ooooooh

HeeHeeHee HoHoHo.... this makes me laugh, I can't wait for the sequel, post me for an approximate date!!!

The sprite animation was good, but the rest was a little lame... no humor, and no plot... u can do better I guess...

Dude star fox would kick mario's sorry ass! oh yeah...it's also a pretty good flash animation! DOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!1!

that sucked ...

what you expected me to say more.

well i like to keep it short and to the point.
and it just sucked.

Dude..Its always Mario and Sonic sum1 needed to bring starfox into the mix Lol good job perfect 10 if you ask me

That was great man I loved the Monty python intermission lol! well played

it wasnt that good...sry

Wow. That was funny. I liked watching Slippy die the most (annoying little shit that he/she/it is).

wow that was hilarious. be sure to hurry with the next one, or however long it takes to make another hilarious one like this

I'm confused and irritated. What possessed you to create such a flash? No point whatsoever, just nonsense. It wasn't even funny!

that was freakin hilarious! I loved how you got the original snes starfox music and put in that monty python reference, had me laughin out loud to the point where my dad told me to shut the hell up and do my homework!

HAHAHAHAHA Is fox gona kill mrio???/ Tat wold b funy like no othar LoL! 9))no mor cofe 4 mme!!@)(

That was hillarious! I can't wait for the next one, good job!

well ive seen many mario & sonic crap on here but for once someone does a starfox, good job.

That was original and it was pretty funny.......OH MY ROD!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Tired Of Those Damn Mario Flashes Mario Is Gay
Sonic Rules Case Closed

Sorry to say but it wasn't very good...did you take tails and just edit him a bit? Anyhow, it was rather boring and pointless...not much more to say, too short.

That was very original, the first Star Fox anything I've seen on this website, so congrats to you.

I liked the Monty python Intermission, very key. Graphics were decent, good sounds. did you take them from the game? and congrats on killing off slippy, I never liked him anyways. Can't wait for more

the flippy thing was funny as hell and i know you were trying to do something with the intermission but i just didnt find it funny but i gotta say good job with the beggining and flippy, also what the rabbit said was cool but more flippy in the next one

Funny flash movie, wish it could have been longer....

it is a relief to see something other than a mario flash

It was a cool mix of Tails and Rockman. Nice

But funny. Real funny. I love the Monty Python reference. Star Fox looks more like Tails than he should, though. Good job.

Slippy had it coming. And so did Mario.

It Wasn't As Good ASs I Thought It would Be

Starfox kinda looked like Tails. And the story had no point!

Star fox, a great game, and i always get a kick out of how the old game charactors talked ^_^

The Tails sprite looked AWESOME. I'd love to put that on aim.

the humor was good i guess? but EXTREMELY predictable. i never really laughed.

Oh, man. This did bring back the memories. The origninal starfox was so harcore. Great job, man.

That was fucking great. Kind of short, But still good. The guy you got those fox sprites from must have *Intermission*

made them using megaman and tails sprites, since the Starfox series has always been 3D.

First I would like to say thank you for killing a clock thingy I really hate thier flashes.

I am not calling you lair but I dont rember any sprites of Fox I do rember the ships but not the sprites. Next I would just like to know why you threw in super metroid boss in their not saying it is bad just would like to know.

Also thanks for not having another mario.

Okay today must be like really slow on the good flashes or something... i mean this was okay.. but seriously.. were there too many inside NG jokes? like the clocks and some giant thing flew at the screen..or was this really not funny?.. god damn

i loved that.

finally someone makes a sprite cartoon actually worth watching! way to go

Are you sure that was Star Fox? It looked surprisingly like tails in a SF suit.

I hate sprite movies, but I like one that makes it appearent why I do. Isn't anyone tired of the same shit mario movies, because I am. There are a few exceptional ones, but those are actually flash movies and not sprites. I didn't know they had a sprite of starfox, but thats probably becuase I thought it originated on n64, but I guess it was on snes. Or did you just take tails from sonic and spruced her up yourself? =P
As for the movie itself, it had it's moments of worthynes, if that's a word? Did like the inside humor on star fox, ie: ships trying to do a back flip and trying to go through the ring.
Though the visuals weren't that pleasing, except for the kickass star fox, but to bad there wasn't enough camera time with him. Seemed a little too bit incoherent and wasn't that peiced together that well. Should of put a little more thought into it, obviously relies on the humour department. Though even for it trying to be funny, it wasn't that great. Did find some parts appealing, but overall could of used a little mork with the actual flash parts and a actually story.
2/5: Your heading in the right direction, just don't stray off the path too much.

nice montey python reference with the intermission. hillarious

that was great and funny i watched it like 5 times!!

nice graphics and stuff just think of a better plot.

great movie, 2 out of 2. Dogs ass! Cool!

But still really good.

funny. I am probly gonna watch the second one

theres only 1 place ive ever found that monty python music in all my long years, and you found it and used it. gj.

Love it, randomness (Oh my rod!!) Originality, don't see many starwign parodies, and nicely done. Can't wait for more :-)


This has got to be the dumbest flash ever! But it's so funny!

Awesome! good job it was interesting but short make more

Funny thing about these sorts of submissions: they seem terribly half-asked. I mean, random silliness aside, its best "asset," this flash is short and hard to understand. It definitely needs some expansion, if the humor can at least stay consistent. I hope to see more of this.

needed to be longer and funny flashes usually help

well...it was...umm...yeah...interesting? *Tips for the next MOVIE* Better backrounds, more humor, make falco kill slippy, and a more detailed Ar-wing.

ill give u a ten because your intermission was the song from monty python and the holy grail

Wow, amazingly disgusting.


You must have had crap for brains, because this dosen't even deserve a trophy it dosent even deserve a pizza....its so bad it dosent deserve a pizza-trophy

think of something to do in the next one this is almost complete shit but its not so...

that was shit and how many times have i seen that intermission thing totally riping off monty python and the holy grail and u just got tails body out of sonic and rearanged the body parts to make it look like starfox ass hole!!

it was funny as hell the way you used the classic star fox game. since you said to be continued and fox was mad at the end dont make him go on a rampage killing everybody just cus he crashed his own ship. it makes no sense and how many time have you seen that done already and thought to yourself..... that made no sence but it had its funny parts. just have a good story line and keep the classic star fox looks and you got a good series on your hands.

nice job with the transmissions, its about time peppy started realizing he was the stupidist charachter.

That was a good one about time someone did Star Fox.

I've never seen a star fox parody on newgrounds and I do especially like videogame parodies. This was funny and I liked how you used the fox sprites.

This is pretty good.

When the the frog went thru the ring, omg lol! Great, good job. Cant wait for the next.

Vote Kerry 04'

It was ok.Im waiting for part 2

wow fisrt time seing fox on newgrounds

HEYYY dont dis mario i love mario games and flashes! but star fox is cool 2. so gj i guess

its fucking cool

only fucking cool

i have senn it on the portal wehn it was new and i have seen it 20 times minimum

just coool

I didnt understand a bit of it... why was he mad? He crashed his own jet

i always love watching flashes about video games and this flash was great. im so glad it is going to be continued. looking forward to it.

This is a good one but try to make the next one more violent and add beter graphics.

Why? Why the hell did you review it? The same reason he made it, because he could!

I personally thought it was pretty cool and a nice change from Mario.

ChimericalWolf, not everything needs a purpose, that's how most of the things started here and got their popularity... they had no real reason, he probably just wanted to share what he could do. It was a good piece of work.

That,s my question, why? It was a pointless little flash, which while desplaying some technical talent, ultimately came across as a trip through dullsville. Was it supposed to be a pointed jab at Mario based sprite comics? Were you trying to mock the StarFox game in general? In the end, it was just a big jumble that led to nowhere. *shrugs* Better luck next time.

ROFLMAO that was great, where out of no where that guys yells that randome phrase out.

Not bad, in fact I liked it. I thought it was genius on your part to use a Tails sprite for Fox, you did an excellent job on it, if you did it at all, whoever did it! Kudos to you, kudos.

"Hey Fox, Watch This!" (Sides of ship hit ring and blows up)


It was a pretty decent flash, but it just lacked the "oomph" of a true classic like "Madness Combat". However, it did bring back plenty of good memories of playing StarFox on the SNES :)

I just started to crack up when starfox shot toad.

It wasn't all that good. No offense, it was OK, but not front page stuff.

funny movie. good sound. good sprites. crap arwing. other than that good, exept its a bit short and pointless

ps Spike_Returns? the intermision was from monty python fool

Usually, pointless stuff is funny to me, but then again, the pointless stuff I watch actually is funny. The fighter was well animated though, for the first scene it was shown. Plus, you ripped off Mortisland with the "Intermission" thing.

It was funny toward the end when they were flying, I guess it's ok. The begining made it seem it was going to be long good Star Fox flash, but it wasn't....try harder on making it longer and give it a little more plot than "Not being a Mario Flash".


i didn't enjoy it much but for other star foz fans i suppose it might have been an alright movie... one question, though, the sprites you used for fox... were they tails sprites? like, you know, from the sonic the hedgehog 2 and 3 games?

Not worth the front page.

As much as i am a fan of starfox, no offence but...


i keep telling myself in my head that this isn't going to be a dumb flash movie b4 i clicked on it... but you proved me wrong, it turned out to be the worst movie i've seen today.

This movie reminds me of The Intriguing Movie Title, one of the most devious flash cartoons that ever made their way through the portal. Only here it's nintendo-based, instead of nexustk-based.

It was cool in a way, but it was VERY short. If you had made 5mb of this kind of stuff people would have liked it much better. Because this few amount of jokes isn't enough to amuse. I like the Monty Python and the Holy Grail spoof, though. And I'm wondering if that strawberryclock scene is a cloaked anti-clock message ;-) Make it bigger next time.

Star Fox is awesome! It's about time hge got his own flash. My favorite part was the Monty Python referance. I also love how you made Slippy such a wimp. Hahahaah good job dude! You deserve this 10!

Nice work with the original soundtrack and character graphics there, and it was funny as well!

Hehe, nice 1... I would rather it be much longer and feature more characters from the Star Fox game. About time some1 recognized Fox's superiority!

as all others have said, using the snes "voices" was a really nice touch... heh, i think the intro was the best fing of the whole movie... but if u battle mario & that fox that looks like tails, it'll b cool! keep up the gd work!

I LOVED HOW YOU USED THE VOICES FROM THE SNES! That made it all that much better! There need to be more flashes about other things than just Mario, or Mario related.

that was so funny! Oh my gosh.. I'm like on the floor typing this still laughing.. keep up the good work!

It wasn't bad.. could of been better but not bad, brought back a few nice moments of starfox on the SNES... keep at it.

it was fine to me i liked it but i don't like the old star fox games i like the new ones bace the next one a new game thing

that fox looked like a tails sprite with metal hings on it

i love the old SNES starfox game; and Monty Python and the Holy Grail! keep up the good work!

The sound is nice and I like how you started off but even some simple work with 3d ships would be a major improvement from what you have now. I just think if you put a little more time and effort it could be much better.

I loved it when Fox shot Slippy... lmao.
Good work, man. I hope you make a sequel. ^_^

lmao this was funny as hell. good job on this. the attitudes of each character were very precice

I'm a fan of the starfox games and this ones not the best but pretty good. The atitudes of Slippy, Falco, and Peppy are dead on.

it was okay. I chuckled a few times. style wasn't bad. the jokes were... eh. not a bad flash, though

Definitely better than a lot of the sprite flash out there.

A little lacking in plot, but amusing none the less.

It's ok. I do want to see what happens next.

Nothing too special.... pretty good graphics.... It would help if you drew the characters rather than useing those ones....

It was OK. Nothing overly great, but OK.

Gets me thinking of the good times, playing Starfox...

About damn time someone did something other than stick figures and Mario sprites! I don't care if they are SF sprites, it's still original to me XD

It was a pretty good movie!

Everything is perfect! The violence is little and there's no interactivity (I think), but who's complaining with a movie like this? Speaking of which, there WILL be a sequal, right?

And what a great movie it is. Keep up the good work.

this is great beyond belief!?!?!

this diserves an 11 lol this is funny cant wait for sequels.

That was so funny when Slippy's wings were knocked off. Keep it up.

great work, whoever you are excellent nice original soundtrack, the whole mario thing was great and the fox thing felt very reminsecent of the game for snes sooo cool nice stlye!!! Keep em coming!

least it wasnt another mario movie... movie had some decent gags in it. but, to be continued? I hope not!

from holy grail thats a preety good idea, plus the ships looked good, and I of corse liked the sprites the most.Though to be hounest it wasnt that funny to me,and why no voice overs? bad ones are better that none.anywho good job

It's a really good flash all I could ask is that it were longer....

NICE that was so funny. Although it would be awesome if it was longer.

Could be longer, if u made more of this that is.

Stupid slippy!
"Watch This!" BaM!

well OH MY ROD

you kinda ruined the movie with the little mario intro but o well, pretty good parody, its true the frog and the other idiots show off then they get attacked, trying to be heroes and all, couldve been a bit longer but good none the less keep up the good work cant wait for the second part

I liked the part where Slippy tried showing off, then he got himself killed. Could have been better though.

Genius mixing megaman and tails sprites together to make Fox, great animation too. Can't wait to see more.

Very nice!
You dida great job. I'll be glad to see the next part coming soon ;)

ok well graphics was a lil poor and the sound was repetative and anoying after the first say 5 seconds lol and the mario start that was just lame, but i really did find sum of the things funny but not that much

iam a starfox fan and all but that just sucked!!!
i didnt even make any seens! toad just walking there and suddenly Fox showing upp and blasts his head of and dissepears!!!!THAT WAS NOT GOD!!!!

I loved this game and this flash brings it back to me very nicely. this was funny as hell, nice work!!

Thanx for the intermission, i needed it to take one o my hyper-pee breaks :P

That was great, brought me back to when I used to play Star Fox for the SNES, Great job with the Arwing. Thanks, Keep it up!

It was pretty nice, except for two parts .. I thought the “intermission” part was a little unattractive, intermissions were originally used to change out film reels on old school movie projectors. It’s a little dated :D

And although I do believe fox to be some what incompetent, I don’t think he’d crash his own ship .. unless you can some how blame it on slippy. Speaking of which kudos, kudos! ..that was simply brilliant. “Hey .. watch this!” .. I love that. I'd recommend this movie just for that part.

hey, nice flash man. i like ur moive alot, though i feel it would have been better with out the intermisson. my favorite was the part before u use the air wing. anyways, i eagerly anticipate the 2nd movie and hope it as good as this one.

omg lol u used the old star fox game graphicsgood choice on that ;) lol and the sounds that the star fox crew uses always cracks me up lol.well anyways dude jeep up the good work and i can't wait to see the next 1 lol :)

ok so it seems you just modified a tails sprite and did some work on it. it was cute and funny at certain times. im givn u a 4 cuz of the crappy arwings. fix those and make em lok bttr than nexst time i might vote 5. A FOR EFFORT

The fact that you used the "intermission" sequence from Holy Grail made me really enjoy tihs flash ;) (hey, so I'm easily amused! O.o) More people should do that! It makes very flash movie better. Can't wait for the next part! ^_^ Moo!

I laughed my ass off while Fox and friends tried manuvers and busted their ass. Goddamn funny! Needs more story though...

defintely a good flash. after watching so many crappy video game parodies,(there are only a few good ones), it was nice to watch this. DEFINITLEY continue it ill be waiting.

haha I remember good ole starfox.. used to play it all the time..

anyways good job with this..

I mainly liked the nostalgia brought on by the authentic music and sounds, and the jab at Mario movies was something we all needed. Otherwise, nothing I haven't seen before.

that was lame. the best part about that was when we found out that it wasn't another mario cartoon. you can do much better than that!

i loved it, it was just like the snes version of starfox (which might i add is a waste of money because it is an attempt at a 3d game on a 16 bit system, not to mention it is fucking annoying lol) cant wait to see the sequel

Not funny man.... but i do like the Starfox sprite.... I can easily see that it's a remake of a Megaman 7 sprite.

Ok, that was cool. It wasn't as funny as it should have been though. It was more of a tongue-in-cheek funny. But it was still cool!! Where'd you get the Starfox sprite anywho?

There just aren't enough Star Fox parodys on NG, I NEED MORE! Really funny when he flew into Ridley.

It's always a blast when that bitch slippy dies. By the looks of the Fox sprite the body was graphically made and the head is basically Tails. That's noticed when Fox is injured. I'm not insulting you or anything but I was just explaining something. Can't wait for the second one. Nice job!

Funny stuff.

Had me reminiscing some classic games, whilst making me laugh. Could do with a little improvement in certain areas, but for what it is, this is great.

Keep up the work. :)

It had me rofl. Very well done.

Shit, super nintendo starfox, fuck that made me laugh hard :') I beat that game years ago, kinda wants me to go find the rom somewhere now.

that was class , make more

Not a bad start, though I'd suggest figuring out a more coherent plot for the second part, since it helps when everything's tied together. You might want to try different fonts for the dialog text, too, but that's a more minor detail.
I also believe I need some sort of explanation for the whole "OH my rod!" thing, I must have missed something...
But overall, great graphics and animation, but it just feels like more of a bare-bones test right now. Beef up the content and you'll be good to go.

Star Fox0rz!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Pretty good, a little short though. Excellent flash.

"Watch this!"

Haha, not another sprite movie :P Nice orginial stuff you've got here. Which is so rare in sprite movies. Keep it up! I loved this!

The intro alone almost gets all my fiven. DOWN with Sprite Movies! Funny shit, I liked this one. Only thing is that it's too damned short!

Also, for some reason, there weren't any spaces in the text.

Great movie all the way around loved every minute of it. Oh and Thanks!!! for killing off Slippy I hate that damn frog with a passion whiney litte ba@#ard.

Beautiful, Ridley was the best. Fiffen for j00.

Found it intresting bt ive seen a better not star falvo which was posted on newgrounds by WRONCHI i believe a search for it an u could find a better version!!!

You really brought back some funny memories. And I do remember Slippy being the biggest wimp. This movie is great!

Its a great movie, but coyping monty python? you even used the same music...

a really good movie, i knew it would be when toad died (fuckin mushrooms)

can't wait to see your next piece of work

I enjoyed the classic music and sounds of the starfox game.

that was very very good and pretty clever to.Congrats cant wait for part 2 :)

"Hey fox watch this" *crash* lol,I love that part. Good flash but would of like it more if it was longer. I used to love the orginal Star fox.

Hey this was a pretty good flash, I liked the old school versions of Starfox, keep it up

i was getin tired of those mario things as well and a nice twist to the movie cant wait for the sequel

I probably shouldn't say anything about it because my stuff sucks but whatever.

I liked it I laughed it was pretty funny and well done.

Why did the flying space ship part remind me of the game "The Lawnmower Man" for SNES? O.o;; Anywho, still pretty good.

i really liked the fox sprites..it's like Tails fusion ...with megaman..and fox wardrobe really cool..looking forward for the conclusion

I liked it, shame you had to rip off monty python tho...

otherwise good.

You Should Have Finished It Then Put In.
Good If It's Your First Work.
But Still...

that was preety funny

My only gripe was the arwing rendering as it really looked unlike the rest of the scenery. Very funny, though.... and poor Slippy.

OH MY ROD!!!!!!!!!! BUBBLE TEA!!!!!
hahaha any way you are connected???
anywayz Damn good flash movie 2 thumbs up

was just: Classic!
Good for you!

good stuff man good job

That was some funny shit.

but this shit is fucking funny.

that IS a modified sprite of Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog. I'd like to know where u got it from so i can get it myself. Quite good work although the arwings didn't look as good as in the Perfect Kirby series but no-ones perfect.
Some of the jokes were quite good, hope the next one has a much better arwing look.


I thought it was pretty funny. Nice concept.
There's just one thing thats bugging me. . . the sprited Fox reminds too much of Tails from Sonic. I was expecting Fox to start flying away at the end.

Other than that, Woo Hoo!

Juan Bobo

your graphics were pretty unimpressive, but it was really funny! Well done.

lol, remember i played that game when i was young, i used to schoot the frog down, cause he was always in trouble that some one was chasing him... good, 5/5

Yes! Star Fox is the man. Gotta love all the talking by his crew thats the best in any star fox video game. Keep it up.

very good. i know that fox was never featured pixelated (that how u spell it?) like this b4. it seems u took another character (probably tails) and drew fox clothes on him. pretty good. what nintendo fan didn't like starfox?

very good but, this is no fox, is tails in a fox clothes, very good, i give you a 5

i dont see too many starfox movies on here, and because of that, im going to go on record and say this is the best starfox flash on NG.

Haven't seen any starfox spoofs nice work! I enjoyed how you used mario in it. I'm a Mario fan myself but I couldn't help but laugh at the way you got rid of him.

Was quality, please make more. In responce to the last reviewer the music is from the original SNES starfox/(starwing for some reason here)
on the first stage.

The Graphics could have been better and there could have been more to it but all in all it was good.
By the way, what was that tune during the arwing flying scene? I think I would like to use it in something.

GOOD stuff homes

I miss Starfox, infact, I'm thinking of digging out the old 64 for some nostelgia.
The whole thing was made 10 times better with the MP intermission.

Haha it was great when Slippy was like "Watch this!" and then crashes. Haha good times man. I got pumped for this just reading the title

That really brought it all back to me, I feel like playing star fox now, that was great!

Your movie makes a good point. There are too many mario spoofs out there. And its refreshing seeing a halfway decent spoof on another Nintendo franchise. However, I failed to see much of any 3-D work on the arwings that you have claimed to have done. It seems like it would have been just as easy drawing them instead of using a 3-D program.

The graphics were a mix between sprites and 3-D. The sprite animations were well done. The fox sprite is clearly just a redone Megaman, but the level of detail on the sprite is well done. Like I said above, the Armwings were meant to be 3-D but there was only one point that was a split second where you saw the camera pan around them. Otherwise there is no 3-D movement.

The sound was well done. The bgm and sfx blended well. I liked the fact you used the SNES character voice sfx whenever they talked.

The humor is much like the humor you'd find in any other sprite based spoof. But there is some nice ideas, such as the Arwing flying through random objects, and what the pilots said as they flew by.

This was a decent submission. Hopefully you will incorporate more 3-D in your next movie to make it feel more like starfox. And hopefully the movie will be a bit longer.

That was pretty good! Nice use of sprites keep it up!

Really cool movie. I like the Fox McCloud Sprites. They look cool. You did a good job here dude and keep up the good work. One more thing, I liked it when Fox ran over Ridley. That was classic! :)

Ey that was cool, nice work man!
I can't wait to see the sequel :D Keep up the good work!!

(Look at the individual scores compared with the overall. That should give you a good impression of my take.)

For some reason, that was really, really funny. Intermission was great. I loved how mario fell at the end. I loved how you made fun of those boring mario movies.

yeah like i said pretty good. could be better just make the sequal longer and with more of a plot.

That was great man, first flash I've whole heartedly wanted to give a 5 to!
Brings back memories, great to see it wasn't anything predictable (if anything, it was the opposite).

Keep up the awesome work, your graphics,editing and skills are definitely going somewhere in the future.

love your work:P (will be checking out your other stuff:))



Even though you killed strawberry clock it was still halirious, the jokes were le macnifico!

It was alright... but the Monty Python throwback was pretty damn funny.

Keep up the good work! maybe next time, some funny stuff in the intermission? Dancing Yoshis... uh... Candy cane suited Andross singing about snacks.... um... Sonic in his underwear while whatching TV on the sofa (with beer gut) um... I dunno... be creative!

I can honestly say, that I have never been a big fan of Star Fox, but for for you Star Fox loving people out there...This is totally your movie!!!

There aren't plenty of Star Fox movies around here so that's why I vote you high, though the movie didn't show anything interesting or new, I should recomend you to stick with sprites or drawing them, also get a better fox sprite because that it's just a tails+megaman sprite.

Nonetheless good try.

Great flash, but you only get a 3 vote from me because of the unwarranted use of a monty python intermission...

Monty Python OWNZ you. This flash was unworthy of it's greatness.

I reconized the intermission. It's monty python, right?
Cool movie, plz make it continue
and yes, FINALLY no mario :P

I really love the star of this

'Bout time we get sprite movies that aren't Mario/Sonic...

I love the Monty Python-esque Intermission, extra style points there for sure. Good job!


HAHA! That was pretty funny. p.s. DIE SLIPPY U FAG!

Wow! A Star Fox flash! Haven't seen him on NG much. Awesome sprite work. Nice animation on the Arwings, reminds me of the glory days of SNES. I reeeeealy want to see more of Fox on NG. One of my favorite Nintendo characters. Keep up the good work!

Then this is the one for YOU! I liked the sprites you used for Star Fox, it was cool to see him in person rather than just his arwing alone. (Which was also nicely drawn by you) And yes, I do agree that A LOT of these Mario Flash movies are starting to get old and stupid! I mean, come on! Half of the humor from other ones has used recycled humor making fun of the Matrix and so forth. (Honestly, I don't know how many damn times I've seen a Mario movie do that) Also, there are many other jokes used over and over and over again about characters being gay and bla bla bla. I liked this because it makes fun of those movies and gives future authors the hint to stop copying! Don't get me wrong, many of them are funny, but it's REALLY starting to get old now. Thanks for making this!

I couldn’t agree with you more on how boring the Mario movies have been lately

the only thing more boring then a Mario movie is a Mario movie that’s paradeying(?) The Matrix

...or a "stick-mation" movie...

keep up the good work

Nothing really to complain about here, but like someone else suggested, try to get the the original Arwing sprites.

My only suggestion is to try to make another Star Fox movie. Possibly try to get ahold of the SNES sprites for it, too.

I really laughed during your movie, the "trick" Falco did with the ring was hilarious ! Keep on bringing these !

Clock-killing! You're my hero!

Now, I like Fox. But this just wasn't that good. Jokes are old and stale. No plot, too short, blatant Holy Grail ripoff. The fox sprite was okay though, but it looked like a modified Tails. Overall: Meh.

great job i enjoyed it alot

mario movie sucks indeed and the shit clock that everyone seems to enjoy sucks too so good for killing it...thatts for your good point.

do you really thinks that youre the only one on ng to have seen monty python and the holy grail......dont do that man!
the pythons (Terry Gylliam in big part) are the greatest dont directly stole their stuff to use it so poorly....it was really not necesary....find your own stuff man!

That was great! Polygon did make a few good points, but to polygon aeproductions didn't rip off the tails sprite I believe he got them from the shyguy kingdom.

Hey man gj and for the guys who said

"and i believe you could of worked on the arwing model more.... ALOT more"

Shut the fuck up buddy you havent even made 1 flash movie and your trying to say he needs to put more work into his movie? shut the hell up..and you make a movie if your so damn good at it, moron.

Flash was decent enough quality ^^

And THANK YOU for flaming all those stupid mario movies that come out! I'm sooooo sick of them!

ok the intro with mario was just stupid, plain as that.

and i believe you could of worked on the arwing model more.... ALOT more. and the supposed humor was kinda lame, shooting the strawberry clock... no. the frog dude blowing up... no

and also the arwing scene was RETARDED. i bet you spent like 5 minutes on that. i mean, put some buildings in that.. some more obsticles, and some decent SOUNDS.

ok that was a horrible movie. and by the way, at least make fox look like fox, dont just rip off a tales sprite and put him in fox's clothes...

Finally a good star fox movie. I agree with smoke you, definently a front page quality movie. The Arwing was nicely drawn and it was pretty good. Hope to see more soon!

It was funny, but i didn't liked the graphics, besides that, it was pretty good

THIS MUST make front page holy CRAP.
I LOVE Star Fox that was fricking hilarious. omg...OOOOOOomg..
d00d you have the BEST sense of humor and lets get married no have a good one :)

that was cool i liked the fox sprite...and the drawn stuff looked great.

just another flash movie

that was pretty good.

That was hilarious. I love that game, i have beaten it 7 times...lol, But anyway good job boyo! keep em comin

-that is all

This was refreshing to watch... great idea having Mario be the non-hero in the story. The Star Fox song was a very good touch man...*tears*
It gave me a trip down nostalgia lane...
very good


NOT! lol
this wans't too bad! I liked the concept you have and the animation was fairly smooth too!
Good work!~

This was an excellent flash and funny as hell too. I would love to see you do a serious StarFox piece with an original storyline by you. Keep up the good work.

you could have done better animation with the ground when fox was flying. It looked like a football field. Other than that it was ok.

LOL the ending was so fuking funny.
When mario hits the floor at the end.

Kinda cool, but still, much has to be done.

this is jsut damn funny lol "OH MY ROD" i hate mario its about time someone kicked his ass lol gj on this flash

i loved this, i found it very funny, i thought that was great please continue this series, also i found some great arwing sprites for you to use (if u want) on your next submission.
*this thiny didn't accepte URLS so i'm explaining u how to find them*
1- go to google
2- enter "shy guy" as the key word.
3- click the one AT THE TOP is shyguykingdom or something like that.
4- there click on the left of the page a link that says SNES.
5-then look for "star fox"

there ya go!

i liked the music with the arwing part, reminds me of all the hours i spent playing star fox for the super nintendo. i had fun watching this, and laughed when fox randomly appears and wastes toad.

well it wasnt that bad it couldve been worse

this movie did have it's moments, but they only lasted about a second at a time, and there was really only one. but nice try but this still sucked

I like to see some old games come back to life. I havnt seen Star Fox in a while. Overall not too bad.

A great spoof on Star Fox. And it looks like Mario's blasting off again? Well, anyway, I saw something terrible in the end...to be continued. (aka Can't wait for part 3)

I absolutely loved this. I want more asap so you should dedicate your life to me now.

That's some of the best sprite work I've seen! You've got a great plot going with it. Lots of humor. I love the sarcastic beginning. But umm.. it had a really abrupt ending, which I didn't like. =/

The plane is spiffy. It's really cool that you hand-did it instead of tweening some piece-of-crap ship sprite left and right across the screen. Great job with that. Congratulations, the score's at a 4.09 right now. =)

That was pretty funny, but still needs more work...

that was the fucking bomb, i don't give reviews like this often but that was great, keep it up

I want to see these things in one piece. o well it gets the audience coming back. Good use of sprites 3 fo u

I believe this entry of yours has alot of potential. Star Fox definately gets my vote. Keep up the great work!

"OH MY ROD!" lol that was hilarios good job and keep it up....


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