Berserk AMV

September 19, 2004 –
February 11, 2011
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For people who havn't seen berserk. Please know that there are MAJOR spoilers in this, so watch at your own risk.

Yep, Berserk has to be my all-time favourite anime. The Manga's are even better. So here's a tribute I whipped up.


This is probably one of the best AMVs I have ever seen you did some good editing on pictures and that and the ending was amazing :)

man i love berserk..
i thought i was like the only person who knew about berserk..
i found this disc set of it on ebay..
so i like watch it all the time..

great job with ur video

you did a great job, chosing the images and all. The music is great too. I think those who haven't read the manga (yet) won't get all that's going on there, but it's their loss.

i remember wen guts went to hell but wat volume was the amv based, it starts at volume 3 and up to wat other than that awesome amv

I love this series and I am thankful that someone respects the black swordsman. Loved the song too. Next time try to take some images from the anime for more color. I do think that you chose the best images for this part of the story. Great Work!

dude there's a rumor that adult swim is suppose to be airing BErserk and theres gong to be some more Berserk fucking episodes so ya and I've cuaght up with Berserk like all way i've read all the manga volumes (except 32 it's out now in the MSN groups) um ya fucking this was a really bad ass fucking tribute you did you could make flashes and use all the chapters and diffrent Berserk songs and anime openings fucking hit me up some time I'll give ya websites and shit where you can view all this oh and Gatts is actually based on a charicter from the olden days and Berserk was going to be sued for it but didn't anyways ya man your flash is really insiring keep up the good work n_n

never heard of the series..so i wouldnt know about it...it was well put together and the action was good though.

i just started collecting the mange it rocks even better than the anime but great all the same keep it up dude.

Now that is the best Berserk Manga video ever made. Well use of the effects. Great use of the song "Sign" By Susumu Hirasawa. I hope you make more Berserk MMV

Keep it up ^_^

You didn't really do much work in making this. It's just comic panels from the manga stripped and tweened across the screen in a variety of directional paths. The music was nice, though. Is that Berserk music? I don't think it is... I've seen only the first five episodes, so I'm not entirely sure.

My favorite manga and anime, so I may be biased, but I love it, and the music is great too, thank you.

I got the feeling the manga storyline was gonna be spoiled after the second scene, though. I'll have to watch this again.

OMG i simply love Berserk. Gattsu is my Hero.. anyway wicked job dude, keep up the good work

You did a wonderful job in making the manga scans add drama....or...something along those lines. I'm tired, I've got know idea what I'm saying meeeeh.

Yeah, this turned out very good. =D Berserk is love.

i love berserk man watching this makes me want to watch the whole show again.............i was wondering if you know about any 2nd session coming out in canada or at all because i think it just left me crazy want to know more if so email me at

Lateralus_BYOB42 @ Hotmail. Com

It goes without saying, this was awesome.

Hey... You have any idea where to get scans? I have up to volume 22... PLEASE HELP!!
My email address is ----jackblackshibby @ hotmail. com-----
I need... Berserk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My Holy A**** S**** Q**** F**** C****!!! That is a kick ass video! Beyond anything I could have expected.

PS My Father was in the Navy, if you know what i said up there rock on and uh don't tell anyone and if you don't know eh don't try to find out. But THIS ROCKS!!!

wow.. i never knew berserk was so good >.<''' .. that's really cool!! i'll be reading the manga from now on xD

Dude i love beserk! i got all the vidieos! well rented them, but i never got volume 5, so i really dont understand volume 6.

Great Job!

ive neva read berserk or played the game or even hear so i dont really know but i imagine if i knew berserk i would probally like it gd job

In the words of the Immortal Dante, "LETS ROCK BABY!!"

..................that was fucking brillant.........

I have seen the series and own the game for ps2..that was a good shot for the gold...oh...Struijk ..the song is the main song for the small opening video for the ps2 Berserk game

Where did you get that song ? ??

I am a big fan of berserk... i've seen all of the anime videos in english dvd quality and read all english versions of the Comic book up to.. 27... and reading the jap version of issue 28 with forum translation ^^ however... the beserk community always tries not to spoil the anime to others by not telling them about the real griffith and the other world... ur flash not only does not make no sense.. it show minimum flash skills also spoils the berserk anime for alot of viewers... u also dont have any clear spoiler warnings on this!
Overall it sucked... and i dont know why u got a 3.5 cuz u too know its not worthy. Im currently working on a flash project based on berserk myself... and honestly if u got a 3.5 for this i tink il get a 5.0 :P im not usually big headed about my work... but man think b4 u create.
Honestly that wasnt a tribute.

I'm a huge Berserk fan. Considering that your AMV was nothing more than moving manga scans, it actually came out decent. I first heard that song when I saw the Berserk PS2 trailer and loved it. If anyone didn't know, there is a Berserk game coming to PS2. From the looks of the trailer its going to kick ass.

I love manga!

Not bad at all.

Thought I disagree with the fact it's just a bunch of pictures moving around, I have to it admit, its pretty well done

And his name is Fozzy Muppet. Whats so great about this so called-movie? Just a bunch of color changing, shaking, and sliding pictures with crappy music.

Manga music video that is. Great job though, I haven't had a chance to see te anime or read the manga, but after watching that I want to so badly.

I am a huge fan of Berserk, too.

The Anime, while enjoyable, does no justice to the Manga. The Manga kicks ASS.

This is really, just a great animation, if only because it is different from the other 1000 flashes that you see here. The presentation was original, though i do wish the frames stayed a little longer before flashing by...

onlly reason i gave it a relatively low graphics score is because they werent original images... though for this it really doesnt matter. very good job.

You so captured the essence of Berserk. Not only where your images peferct, but how managed to personify Guts to the utmost was awesome. Hope you make another. Music was killer too.

I had a bit of trouble following it, but overall, it was pretty cool.

Well, I've never seen Berserk but that was bad ass.

what the hell was it all about?
it was impossible to understand!

Well, I'm a big fan of Berserk too, so maybe I'm a little biased. Still, it was a great way to throw it all together and it reminded me of just how good Berserk was.
Great, now I gotta go watch the shows again.

kept my interest for the first half, after a while it was just too much of the same thing only instead of red it was white

Berserk kicks so much ass.

This is a nice little tribute. You did a good job of making it feel animated though you were using still images. You could sort of watch the scene unfolding. I enjoyed it, especially the music.

In order to understand this flash, you really have to read and watch the Berserk series.

Berserk is my favorite animated and manga series so extra brownie points to you. :)

I was a bit dissapointed you only focused on Guts' role and jumped from before he banded with the White Hawks to God Hand's appearence. Oh well...it is a long series, but I think you made your point.

And yes, the animator is right, you MUST read Berserk (especially since the 2nd volume of the series is released).

I got sick watching this, TOO FAST!!!

People are giving you bad scores because "Its not an animated flash." :P But you accompished what you seemed to be aiming for, showing pictures from the manga to the time of the music. I loved how during the fight scenes frames of the comic would shake. Grading it on what it was meant to be, You get a 10. ^_^

powerpoint...oh gee *Yawn*


This would fantastic...if it was ANIMATED! Everything went so well together, but like I said, this wasn't animated or what I would consider "Flash". I'm assuming you drew all that yourself; if you did, then awesome job and try to animate it next time. If you didn't draw it and you just threw someone else's drawings into a slideshow, then this was total shit as far as a Flash goes. I went and checked some other reviews and a lot of them say they read this comic so I'm gonna give you all 1's because I could do this slideshow with PowerPoint. Next time animate it and make it your own.

ok, i gave you 10/5 just because i love the manga. This tribute is really well made, of course these are just scanned images, but well animated and makes understand the spirit of the comic.
good job

PS:The loading image spoils too much imho, anyway i already read that part of the comic :D

Question... why was my AMV red flagged and other AMVs are going through... Talk about double fucking standards... *watches the movie and shuts the fuck up*

hmm could be because mine was footage from an anime but anyway... this was basic but went with the music brilliantly! Guess this is more proof that even the basics in flash if used effectively can get you noticed =P

berserk is one of my all time favorite animes aswell! i liked this flash very much

I've read all the 27 translated mangas so this was nothing new to me. Maybe you should've put the stuff that happens after the anime because everyone has seen that already. It still was pretty cool but the colors and flashing lights were awful.

That was cool but gave me a headache.

Berserk and InuYasha are my fav anime's

tho i only watch japenese with english subs,

wow, they should have made more then just the 25 episodes, the shows are so much better then manga

so thats how he lost his arm. mother fucker took his woman too. too bad. but does he ever succede at his revenge?

MAN! I've been into Berserk for a while now (both the manga and the anime) but that movie made me remember why I loved it so much in the first place. Nice job!

i loved it, but do you know a web site or something i could actually look at it more . that would be great!

Wow. People are giving you good marks....Well I guess the way you made those pictures move from one side of the screen to the other was kind of a new concept. And I suppose that you did a good job of scanning some pictures of someone else's work onto your computer.
Congradulations, you scan like a pro.

yo, never read the manga before but yu just changed my mind. great stuff

Berserk is one of the best anime's/Mangas of all time..great work man...I was really pissed they didnt continue the anime..but the mangas are even better....oh is it just me?...of is grifith a fucking duche? Anyways...this is a 10!!!(and a 5 :p)

I didnt know this manga but this is really good man great idea too! keep on!

It's great and all but I dont think it'srated corectly, shouldn't it be excecive VIOLENCE and MIld nudity? I mean comon no even a word of violence is mention yet its all about it!

Man, Beautiful artwork, if a little morbid looking. Definently made me want to see the comic. However I think the main reason we all want to read this is from the half-naked girl with the wings...

I cant say that I have ever heard of this manga, but this animation made me want to check it out. Good work.

Isn't the game for Dreamcast? My friend always begged me to get it. Maybe i'll reconsider. Haha great Tribute to Berserk. Hope to see more of your work.

Myself am a big fan of the anime (I own the DVDs). And I've read about half the manga. I loved your depiction with takes on action and blah blah blah well you know what you did right, I'd love to see you bring the whole manga series in Flash and display it on Newgronuds so I can read the rest :D

Berserk is a fav of mine too. Nice use of the manga pics there.

But I can't give a high score for animating. You just made move pictures from a manga and it wasn't your drawing...

Maybe you should try it again with your drawings and much more animation. I liked some of the special effets.

Try harder next time ( I mean it :) )

I really dont like slide shows but you managed to make it interesting and thats not small task!
good work!

I liked it. Beserk is a great manga. The violence was great. MMMMMMMMMM VIOLENCE (DROOLS).

You managed to make the static images look more exciting than just the usual boring cut-and-paste used in these tributes, and your dynamic direction and occasional use of color gave the whole thing some real life. I've never read the comic, played the game or seen the anime, but your Flash made me want to check it out. So, you must have done a good job!


anyeone who doens't aprove must know it's impossible to get the anime at all, so don't diss the guy for using scanned images

You know how to take images from a comic strip and paste them into flash. I hope this gets blammed, you didn't do jack shit except make the pictures move.

i agree. Berserk is fuckin sweet, and hot, and gory, and naughty, and rapfuly, and toungly, and nakedly. ^_^ so cool tribute.

Bad Ass! Go watch the series cause it only gets better! Well done.

This thing is so killer sweet and tight, if you are into manga, you will drool

This entry was genius. The graphics were hot. Keep up the good work!

great work, that was awesome, I want that song it's really cool.

that was awell done video.. the music tone went well with the video and it was nicely done, all good quality. just one thing though... there was alot of violence not just a moderate amount.. but still a good job on this flash

I liked the Anime, and I liked this video. It was an odd choice to only use panels, but you used good ones. Especially with Guts cutting his arm off with his broken sword. Keep it up.

AMVs Rawk!!!

The manga scans seemed pretty promising so I suppose I should look into this to see what this anime is like.

the scenes were good and how they were slided was unique a bit.So you'll get a good solid 6 on this

no story, and the comic strips moved to fast, but i would love to see a plot

music made sense with what was going on, very very nice work. good job.

This thing rocked make more.4 fo u


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3.65 / 5.00