box catcher: iv

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This is a follow up to the 1st Box Catcher game & an update for Box Catcher: iv. The Controls are; ARROW KEYS to move left and right, SPACE BAR to jump & DOWN ARROW to dive. GAME SPECS - 1.6 Ghz / 64 Bit PROCESSOR & 256 RAM.


4/10: bad

meh indeed...
Graphics were actually pleasent, but animation seemed to be blocky.
Wasn't that unique or interesting. Seen other games were you try to catch something, but what makes those games btter then this is the fact that they had something going for it. ie: michael jackson baby drop was hilarious! This was much fun as helping a friend moving out, but with ordering pizza for celebration.
Sound was bland and dull.
Was devoided of any humor or violence.
It did play really well and the extra options weren't too bad, but I did find momments of poor collison detecting.
Not horrible, but not that great either.


Not bad. I don't see anyone getting interested in a game like this.. but protection points were issued nonetheless.


The collision mapping was horrible. I hit barrels that weren't even close to me. It was annoying trying to get back up, there should be a definite key for doing so.
Other then that, nice concept.

you suck

How can you dodge barrels that home into you unless you move to the very edge of the screen. Like my profile, your game is BS.

I <3 It!!!

Frontpage! this game is soo addictive! We need more people like you now a days...

I only could build my box half way to the sky... im such a n00b.. well im gonan be playing this all day, are you HAPPY NOW!?! ROAR!! *tears open box of orange juice *chomp*

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3.02 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2004
9:14 PM EDT
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