Happy memory.

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I made this a few days ago. It's in dedication to my dead family..The shot is a memory which I remember my mum and dad taking on my 7th Birthday.
Please..I just want this up on my work list. Review fairly..


Really nice lookin'

Not bad, not bad, not bad. Definately improved since Hell Let Loose. I would say... keep it coming. Especially the Hell Let Loose series. You, sir, have some talent.



Nice wave actually, you know that angle and speed of the wave were perfect...i mean...and that cake o my god how cool...

^ what's stated up there is all bullshit, the sentimental crap is too much to handle.... get a life man,

^ that's buulshit too.... pretty darn good movie actually...

^Is almost perfect the right word?

^Speechless................well, not really....Ican make better movies =D i only dunno how 2 get em here. =( bummer

ps: god's a fagget...

ps2: < lol playstation 2 shortcut =D

ps3: gtg now, mgs is getting too long now (getting all kinds of warnings here). Cya


there's a glitch after the guy waves near the beginning where the video goes back to the start screen but the music keeps going... Might wanna look into that... I really wanna see the rest of it!

Peace and Llove


First of all, I am sorry for your loss. Now I would like to say, this flash started great, and was a great idea. Then, it just stopped. Maybe a metaphor of your families lives, i don't know. But, if not, I would think that this should be something important enough for you to finish it. When you do, I would love to see it. I thought what you did have done was great though. Good Job and Good Luck!



it was good idea for a movie, but this flash was a flop. rather shame too...

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1.73 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2004
8:43 AM EDT
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