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Lands of Helios: Teaser

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Author Comments

Update: Changed Grounds gold name, decided rollingmoose no longer fit me.

UPDATE: I fixed the spelling, compressed file size and shortend the first scene that was thought to be too long.

The lands of Helios: the teaser
Is a short sampling of what is to come in this tale of epic proportions! Where wizards can decide the outcome of a battle with a quick movement of there hands. And elite swordsman can take on dozens at once. And where the powers of evil are a constant threat to the inhabitants of this world. The first episode will not only setup the story for which this teaser is based on and be much longer but also will introduce you better to the wonderful world of Helios!

Please note that the first part may be considered a little slow and that the action is in the second part of this trailer, so I strongly urge you to watch it all before casting your vote.

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nicely done

its an sweet move dude it is long for a teaser but no so long you get tird of it and it leaves you guessing and wanting more can not wait for the reall thing

DubiousArtisan responds:

Too long for a teaser? It might be but its also too short for a stand alone episode. Glad you like it, and thanks for the review.


i remember when i voted this movie up yesterday. It's kind of weird seeing some strange dude with a bloody arm walking around during the day... that's scary actually and i think you meant to do that. nice work. blood dripping everywhere and backgrounds look sweat.

DubiousArtisan responds:

Well thank you, im glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, he does bleed EVERWHERE doesn't he? I can't imagine how much blood he could possibly have left.


It looks like it can turn into something good and I like the simple plot.

DubiousArtisan responds:

It should be good, thanks for the review!

Good Job

Pretty good story and all just work on the movements of the characters, maybe add some voices and it would be great

DubiousArtisan responds:

Yes, i am working very hard on the movements of the charactors, getting the angles and such is tricky work. And yes, expect voices in the first episode.


1)spelling not all that great
2) how did he die from a wound in the HAND?
3) walking with the blood dripping at the beginning took way too long
4)spruce up some of the art
5) Maybe have a narrator? and the text at the bottom?
6) The second song did not go at all with the scene.

Otherwise...i like the style and the idea. I really look forward to seeing the actual thing. Just work on some things first.


DubiousArtisan responds:

1) Yeah, sorry about that. That won't happen again.
2) He doesn't die, he became passed out, i didn't realise it looked like he died, that will be rethought.
3)I was wondering if you would think it was.
4) I will my hardest, this has really helped me get at least a little better.
5)I didn't have any voice actors and im not suited, so i had to make it music driven, i apologize.
6) the song during battle? I actually really liked it, i will keep that in mind though.

Thanks for your review!

Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2004
10:31 PM EDT