Dress Up Dolly Doll

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i spent i while on this....i drew everything you see in the whole movie!! heheh, it wasnt that hard, but it was fun making it...i dont care if you dont like it...i doubt anybody will like this....thanks!!


Those days, that seeing those naked feets that made me cum....

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Barely fappable. Maybe if I was younger I would get instantly horny but yeah not today


on that one girl the hat is not dragable.

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The graphics...

As someone who's a regular in the girl's dressing room, I can announce that you guys will be VERY disappointed if you expect every girl to have a shaved crotch. Besides, if we are to shave, then so shall you *grave face of seriousness*

Back to the game.
Many has pointed this out - the art looks bad. It looks traced, since even if the standard outfits are ok, the body beneath looks more amateur-ish. Especially the breasts and feet.
I would have liked it more if the graphics had been smoother, if there had been a little more variety in the clothes and if everything had been a bit bigger so that the good details really becomes noticeable.

Oh, and save "Cumtastic" to a game with sexual interaction ;)

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needs some work but you got the right idea

practice make better clothes better figure and learn shading

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1.79 / 5.00

May 28, 2001
9:19 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up