Redneck Shootin' 1.0

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This is the succesor to my popular series Silent Assasin. After 4 years here is my return to NG, thanks for your vote and most of all..enjoy!

Thanks to Nathan Davenport for the voice work.


needs some work

game play is very good, and the concept is pretty funny (still needs development), just make it look better, make it longer, etc.

you could have a real winner.


What the...
The damned mouse cursor moves to the right each time i shoot, causing me to miss, wtf's up with that?
Anyway, this could have been a funny game, if only it was longer and you actually got to blow rednecks up :)


You kinda built it up in the part b4 the actual game, then when you finally get to shoot, its kinda crap. And only 1 level?

perekyle responds:

again this was just a sampling of the different elements of the game to see what people liked before i devote a bunch of time to a game

This games RULLLLLLLZ!

nuff said

perekyle responds:


wait for the next incarnation

I gave it ten in humor...

Because of the intro with all the text...that was the best part! The intro was really all I liked though...

perekyle responds:

thanks for the compliment on the beginning screen, it really was an after thought, now i know where to go with the next game.

This game was more of an engine test more so than a complete game, plus im a full time college student i dont have time to make something like Ray 2

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2.68 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2004
8:46 PM EDT
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