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I fixed those major bugs, cut the filesize by about half and added animations for items, sorry about the big bugs earlier.

This is the most bug free version of the game I have produced, I'm not guarunteeing (that I can spell) that there aren't any bugs, but there shouldn't be any that are game-ruining.

I tried to make it as user-friendly as possible, theres a little text box that tells you information, and you can see info about your enemy by hovering over the little 'info' text near the enemy.

It seems hard/boring at first, but once you get decent equipment it becomes fairly easy.
And then you fight the King.
The King might send you for a loop, because depending on whether or not you're properly trained, he can pwn you in about 2 hits.
I'd suggest staying away from the "Challenge King" button till level 8 or so.

Anyway, report bugs you find, and I'll do my best to fix them. :)

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The game is a little too easy, and a little simplistic, but I still really enjoy it. Also, I love the Trigun music.

Wow I cannot believe this was good enough to keep me playing until I beat it in one "sitting".
Great job keep up the good work! 10/10

lol good game

i played and bought skill pts until my lightning did 1k+ i 2 hit ko'ed the king

Not Bad

I beat the king at lvl 6. Is that wierd? I just put all of my skill points into lightning until it did 400 damage per shot. Anyway, you should make another.


this is so cool! can you update it a lil like can u put a save system so we can save or sumthin

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4.04 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2004
5:26 PM EDT
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