Don't Be Fooled

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Just something I threw together while listening to some 80s music and watching the news.

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all things i knew also things i didnt care about its quite im pressive that you threw this together with out yr own comp but this really isnt ther propper audience fo this kinds of thing, most NG users(notice how i said MOST as in not all) cant or even should vote. the gfx was crap the story was eye opening to thoes that dont know about this was ment for humor or violencebut u did say u have no comp so its a mercy 1


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nice one. Bout time sum 1 expressed it. Maybe work on animation now.

SpeedyPac responds:

Thank you very much. If I had my own computer I would make a better one with better animation. I threw this one together really quickly. Thanks again for the vote!

Thank you :)

I can't belive how anybody can support Bush after all the shit he's gotten us into. Thank you for helping in the fight against him. This next election is basically the one time I've ever wish I could vote...

SpeedyPac responds:

Yes, this is a very very important election. I think everyone who is registered should vote, even if they dont care or think their vote doesn't count. Thanks for the review!

It's a relief

It's a relief to know that there are inteligent people here. I'm not calling bush supporters stupid, but I am saying that they are easily fooled. This wasn't that great of an animation but I still liked it.

SpeedyPac responds:

Thank you... Maybe we should all start making anti-bush animations, and release them all right before the election.

Good point

Ok U have a very Good point their, and I liked the Music. But What about Kerry, He got some problems too? Dont be Fooled!! They both got Problems So Vote Green party!! Save the trees and weed

Ps: Does America Have a Green Party? Cause i know Canada does.

SpeedyPac responds:

Hey, we do have a green party, but when you vote green, it usually just hurts the democrats. There are the two major partys, Bush's and Kerry's, so you have to vote for the lesser of the two evils. Look at all of the mistakes Bush has made already, I know I don't want to give him a second chance.

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Sep 13, 2004
11:08 PM EDT
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