Fallen Angel: Teaser

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UPDATE 1/11/12

The first details have finally been announced about the upcoming second and third episodes of the Fallen Angel series. The information can be found at my new blog (URL below). You can expect some big changes to come to the FASeries site in the upcoming weeks as more info about the new episodes is revealed.


UPDATE: 11/14/08

A new version has been uploaded with improved sound quality and a few other minor changes.

UPDATE (9/14/04)

Thanks for the great feedback, everyone! There are a few issues that many people have brought up in their reviews, and I'd like to address some of them here.

1) A lot of people are downplaying the movie because of its "Teaser" nature. However, I should explain that when I started work on this animation, I actually intended for it to be the first episode of the Fallen Angel series. But by the time I finished it, I had decided that I could do much better, and since this animation consisted entirely of action and didn't reveal anything about the plot, I decided to go ahead and release it as a sample to keep everyone entertained while I work on the real first episode. So while it is technically just a teaser, try to think of it as more of a sample episode, or something.

2) A lot of people have been worrying that since the teaser is 6.5MB in size, the actual episodes will be so ridiculously large that they will never be allowed on NG. No need to worry about this; the large filesize is due to the fact that I originally built this to be an actual episode, not just a short teaser. All other Flash-based episodes that I release will be made to fit within NG's size guidelines, so they will all be comparable to the size of the Teaser episode. And besides, if any of the episodes are too large to be submitted as one piece, I can always split them up into seperate parts like I did with The Hunt.

3) There has also been some confusion in regards to all the people listed as Production Assistants in the movie credits. Just to clarify, I was actually the one who did all the animation/graphics stuff, and the people listed in the credits contributed by giving me generous assistance and helpful feedback whenever I needed it. They also contributed many of the ideas that came together to form the Fallen Angel storyline, and offered assistance on some other technical things, such as sound mixing. But as far as actual construction of the movie goes, I did most of the dirty work.


How do you summarize "perfection?"

Yes I said it, perfection. I am blown away by everything in this flash. There may be questions as to the originality of the concept, but seriously who cares? Family Guy is a rip-off of the Simpsons, but no one cares. It's about quality, of which this has an excess.

I noticed the main character looked alot like Aya Brea (Parasite Eve) and so the army grunts looked like the hunters from PE2. Were they your inspiration? Or am I wrong? Well anyway, I'm going to wrap this up by saying two words: KICK ASS

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that was gr8

that has 2 be one of the best flash movies ever submitted onto newgrounds cant wait till the actual series comes out...

i recon u should make a game of it after you have done the series that would be gr8...

keep up the good work!

That was great!

That was one of THE best flashes ive ever seen i ABSOLUTELY cannot wait until the actual movie comes out Greeeeeaat peice of work congrats, Ive anyone reading this likes action,guns,blood and guts,and a blonde kicking dudes asses you need to watch this.
Laura Croft has nothing her!!


Wow! That was the best flash I have ever seen. Everything fit perfectly and it felt like I was watching an actual movie teaser. What program was that created in(only flash or other stuff too)? I don't know how the hell you made that but it was awsome. This deserves 1, not prowlies.

good animation and graphics

very good very good but a bit boring 2nd time around and at thr beginning

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