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"You used Macone's Sig Saucer. Please give him credit.. you said courtesy of Coflash but its Macones gun."

woops Im sorry. MACONE deserves credit so here it is. Sry for any inconvenience.

A tutorial how to make guns and explosions, some things are mispelled so be aware of that, also please leave nice reviews. Hope you learned something



just awesome. this was great. i loved the whole thing. and i actually learned a couple things. but might i add a couple things:
if youre doing your own art, and draw an automatic pistol like that, please remember that every time you fire, the slide will pull back, and eject the shell, and then snap back into place. shouldnt take more than a frame or two. also, no handgun will kick back that much as in this tutorial. sure it looks kinda cool, but unless youre firing a raging bull or .44 magnum, the kickback will lift your hand 4-6 inches, no more. sorry, im in the military and i love guns. but this tutorial was brilliant, and everyone should watch it.

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This was very excellent, explaining real life physics for realistic effects! Thanks!


Tutorial is nice I might even use it when I start making flash movies.

TeknoGames responds:

cool, Im glad to know Im helping out. :D


this is jst wat i woz looking for!! im gona use ur instructions in my upcoming flash,
" Chronicles of Phoenix" (working title),...but right now im working on the artwork and storylines lol.

Great Tutorial

Excellent tutorial! Very education+great drawings. Just one thing, when talking about pistols/current assault rifles ect... the correct terminology would be a magazine, not a clip. Just saying... Still good!

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Sep 12, 2004
7:10 PM EDT