Road Blocks

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10/11/04 Front Page
*Thank You everyone for the support. By the way, Road Blocks 2 is currently in the development phase, expect big things.

This is my very first flash program ever. But it is dope.
In response to all the reviews, all of the levels are beatable. I've personally run through them all just before I submitted this. Best hint I can give is try to work it backwards and keep at it.

Road Blocks is a puzzle game with 22 different levels, every level a different maze. The objective of each level is to get to the goal. Unlike other maze games, when you move you will keep moving in that direction until you hit an object, the goal, or you go off the screen. This little twist makes the game-play interesting. The game also includes portals and other movement control objects. Complete instructions are included with the game.



This game took forever to beat in fact I was starting it couldn't be solved but finally figured it out. Great puzzle game and a pretty good balance on the easy to hard range. If you haven't beat it, keep trying.

Great game... Need help!!!

Fantastic game Grimbaldous... Provided some great procrastination at 5am. I know u have coped enough, but seriously the music made we want to eat my fist after 5 minutes.

Somebody PLEASE give me the key combo for level 18... Im dying here!!!


Wow. im thuroughly addicted,thanks a lot

Wanted to pull my hair out!

Wow, tough little game you got there. I love it though. The graphic are perfect, even the music conveys frustration to the player. Very nice work.

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good interactivity

The rest sucked

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4.10 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2004
5:43 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other