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Road Blocks

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10/11/04 Front Page
*Thank You everyone for the support. By the way, Road Blocks 2 is currently in the development phase, expect big things.

This is my very first flash program ever. But it is dope.
In response to all the reviews, all of the levels are beatable. I've personally run through them all just before I submitted this. Best hint I can give is try to work it backwards and keep at it.

Road Blocks is a puzzle game with 22 different levels, every level a different maze. The objective of each level is to get to the goal. Unlike other maze games, when you move you will keep moving in that direction until you hit an object, the goal, or you go off the screen. This little twist makes the game-play interesting. The game also includes portals and other movement control objects. Complete instructions are included with the game.


Greatest puzzle game in a long time..

Finishing this game was long and hard but great job overall!
level 21 was just a tad bit easy ;)

Lookin forward to part 2!!


the game was really created well... but the levels were a little too simplistic.. i didnt spend more than 2 minutes per puzzle...

other than that...Expenetial Job for your first flash.. and good luck on #2

What game was the guy before me playing?

I know for a fact that 18 is not the last level, considering that I beat the game. A very nice puzzler, kept me entertained a lot longer than most of these things do. Any chance of a sequel?

I must admit though, you were having a little bit too much fun with the last couple levels, I mean, a spiral? Come on. Gave me a chuckle though, so I guess that's what counts. I like the music, even though I turned it off after the first couple levels. I'm tempted to suggest putting a smiley or something on the ball, but on second thought the simplicity works nicely. The only real suggestion I can make is to release a level designer and hold a contest to make the best levels for #2.


damn that shit is hard. or iam the only dumbass around here. your first flash huh, well your on the right track man. keep it up!


Wow, this is a great game, its fun and challanging and it goes against the mainstream of games out there... I commend you for making this... Took me 2 days of trying but I finally beat it... great game. I look forward to others

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4.10 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2004
5:43 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other