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Author Comments

if j00 r part of my w3b site j00 could have been 1337 and saw this yesterday on teh anniversary. Instead j00 r teh l0zer and have 2 watch it here. its ok I <3 j00 anyway.
this is a piconjo tribute about the victims of 9-11 paying homage to me, teh most awesome animator evah. yes, even teh ded must pay homage to me cuz I am so 1337 and I pwn j00 all.
Piconjo <3 j00



That was supa-funny! XD One of the best Piconjos I've seen yet! Uber job mate :)

This was okay, but um......

See, that was kind of offensive, what with comparing your thing to the wtc...and the music in the beginning got extremely annoying, and "teh" and "pwnd" is really annoying and stupid. just my opinion...

Piconjo responds:

I know I shuld taek offense to my p3n0r being compared to something so small as teh world traed center but I think its tiem to grow up. roflmao

too be fair

that was ok...


Dude, I don't get you! You are so stupid! I've seen your intro thing for omg piconjo tag, when he gets shot at, and it looks so awesome! You can obviously animate very well, but what I don't get is why you put all that gay animation in between! WTF? Stop it with the gay stuff and animate the way you can!


quite disterbing but good

but i dont get this why do people sstill blam i used to blam piconjo man it sux let piconjo be i used to be a stoopid toady wurshuping LF and blaming piconjos movies before i see them they are cool i have watched them they are COOL remember fan of flash movie i used to be her but now i have grown up and now i shall like piconjo

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Credits & Info

1.82 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2004
3:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Original