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if j00 r part of my w3b site j00 could have been 1337 and saw this yesterday on teh anniversary. Instead j00 r teh l0zer and have 2 watch it here. its ok I <3 j00 anyway.
this is a piconjo tribute about the victims of 9-11 paying homage to me, teh most awesome animator evah. yes, even teh ded must pay homage to me cuz I am so 1337 and I pwn j00 all.
Piconjo <3 j00


OMG TEH PICONJER PWNZ MEHH!!!!!!!1111shift11111one

ok great flash and all u own. but to the last reviewer this isn't making fun of 9-11 hes making fun of the terrorist i mean if you call a terrorist legendary frog you know the terrorist also makes really dumb movies thats why he got sent to kill himself in a plane by crashing into those building but he still walks on the earth today....WHY!!!!!!!???

dude..thats not funny at all

man how could u try and make something funny out of 9/11. u've just tainted it. it was one of the saddest days of our generation and u tried to do a piconjo movie out of if, a bad one at that. the graphics sucked, the music was annoying, the way u typed the words was rreeeally annoying, and omg u tried to make 9/11 into a comedy. this movie is a disgrace

That's low...

Huh? What's this? Why are you making fun of one of the most infamous days in history? Please, for the sake of the Americans, don't do this again.

And another thing. Your artwork could use a little adjustment. A stick guy with hair isn't the kind of thing that's going to make history. Plus the idea of stick people is a bit overused. There is good stick art and bad stick art. Piconjo is in the middle, leaning a bit towards bad. Come up with a new idea.

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this is great

but 9/11 is a sad day


"this movie offended me so much" your such a loser get a life you pathetic wyrm, this movie rocked....although the creator wrote the dialouge like a 16 year old dyke.

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Sep 12, 2004
3:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Original