The AntiClockClock Show 2

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The AntiClockClock Show! Featuring ACC's favorite reviews from "Jedi In Training"!

I wasn't planning on making a sequal but since it was in popular demand and I got some more funny reviews, I bring you episode 2! Enjoy!

(This episode was inspired by David Firth - Salad Fingers - I LOVE SALAD FINGERS!)



You handle the anti insult skill very well! I almost wish you could ANTI one of my reviews but i dont think ive made any for your movies. Anyway i will take a look at them (Holy shit you've done pretty many), and the fact that you got so many movies proofs you are not noob which some dickhead said earlier here. Good Job mate!

It's 6 am and I'm ok...

L.O.L. Making fun of idiots is the way to go! This rocks and I hope that you'll never run out of idiots to mock.


Dunno why some of u are giving this flash a 0. Its not that bad and u know it.

I found it funny, and the salad figers voice was so pathetic it made me laugh.

good job

AntiClockClock responds:

Exactly... people are retarded. Thanks for the review.

Where's the funny?

This movie put me near sleep, it was so boring. Salad fingers parody was not funny, and has already been done. Second, the whole cartoon is just the immature and whiney rant of an insecure 15 year old. Through 6 mins and 35 seconds, you provide weak retorts to people who complained, and weak jokes to anyone who didn't complain as much. Try making fun of people who sent you good reviews, so you don't come off as a whiney emo kid. How this movie even rates next to movies like Flu! is beyond me. For a Flash that has nearly no animation, you could of at least made it look sharper, instead of throwing it together so you can get it on NG quick enough.

So in review:
1. Learn how to be funny
2. Learn how to draw
3. Learn how to be hate everyone equally, instead of being a whiney, emo bitch that has to back himself up everytime someone votes 0

AntiClockClock responds:

Wow a hypocrit! Good job! Don't whine to me, noob.

You need...

....A new idea.
This is getting old
2 old.

Sry i whas a fan of part 1 but this...To much of the same.

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3.37 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2004
10:12 PM EDT
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