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The AntiClockClock Show! Featuring ACC's favorite reviews from "Jedi In Training"!

I wasn't planning on making a sequal but since it was in popular demand and I got some more funny reviews, I bring you episode 2! Enjoy!

(This episode was inspired by David Firth - Salad Fingers - I LOVE SALAD FINGERS!)



Are those REAL reviews that you get?


Very funny movie, good job AntiClockClock, I liked it alot. I was glad you used your real voice in this one, I know people always wanted to hear it!

OK, I went and watched Jedi Training...

...mostly to put this in context. The original looked like something you might've considered submitting to America's Funniest, though I doubt it would win. But hell, I chuckled a little.

But I digress, let's talk about THIS movie.

OK, um, graphics. Well, it was different from what most of the other clocks do. As you said, that was a tip of the hat to Salad Fingers (I never watched those movies - the first one creeped me out after the first 20 seconds, and I just avoided the others.) I like the city background, though.

Sound was understandable, and had subtitles just in case. That's good.

Interactivity...well, I don't lump those with the other scores for overall. I just toss in a five if the replay button is well made. (I've seen shitty ones.)

Style: 10. Exposing the stupidity of others. Well, it doesn't strike me as being difficult (look what you have to work with,) but it's cool. Good fun there.

Violence: 0. No violence. The category was ignored for the overall.

Humor: 8. You mocked the stupidity of others. That's great; you didn't even NEED material! They just threw it at you!

I did, however, find it a little difficult to distinguish between when the review ended and your retort began. I didn't have that problem with BlueCherryClock Show Ep2. What did he do different?

Anyway, go eat a cookie or something. I think you deserve one.

Awesome Show!

The graphics sure have improved! I like how you sorta made a tribute to Salad Fingers, that was pretty funny. Good movie!

good work anti!!!

you still manage to impress.

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Sep 11, 2004
10:12 PM EDT
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