9/11 - 3 Years After CT

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here is my tribute to that terrible day 3 years ago which we will all remember.

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You've got a damn good taste in techno.

Too far

I enjoyed some of the other flashes done by you which were humerous jokes that didn't involve gay sex like it does in that piconjo crap, but not only did this include that but it was a mockery to the thousands of people who lost thier lives on that day and the thousand of people who lost a member of their family. You should be ashamed.

iAmVincent2 responds:

i could tell your review would be faggotish after i looked at your user name

That was not cool

I thought you were onto something when I first started watching it. I guess that was the point though. Regarding the other message, not all of your flash animations are wastes of space. Only most of them are. That damn pube muppet crap sucked. I do not know why it is still here. The sexy footage sucked and always will, but the sexual sensations is good. I wouldn't know though. I am only 17, but I have 18 year old friends who have seen it and say it's good. I'll take their word for it. Well that is all I have to say. Good bye.

now THIS was funny!

Out of all those horrible movies you make with such cheap style. THIS one was funny as hell!!!

screw jesus

your MY savior 5++, CHICK TECHNO!

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Sep 11, 2004
8:25 PM EDT