John Kerry in Vietnam

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With all of the Vietnam swift boat controversy, people want to know what really happened. Fun for everyone!

9/22/04: The script for the sequel is finished. It's a complete story at 4 pages in length! Production has started.

9/20/04: Thanks to everyone who got a chance to see this! I had no idea what Battlefield Vietnam was until I read about it in the reviews. These fine tunes primarily come from the Forrest Gump soundtrack. Now that I know everyone's political stance, try to leave a review! -Jeremy

Dan Knabb as the voice of John Kerry, and Johnson.
Guns by Roy Rosengard.

Right-click on cartoon to lower quality if your computer performs slow.



this is great! it probably happened like this in real life too...


Its awsome i just love it seen it since been there lots of times i love it
its true poor kerry lol :P

finally john kerry gets what he deserves

thats right!! kill the liberal wimps

Aw man, that was extremely funny!

Nice to see a Republican flash artist bashing Kerry after seeing a ton of Democrat flash artist bashing Bush! It was funny when he shouted "I SAID, shoot her in the fucking face!" Keep up the good liberal bashing work, Jeremy.

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Not bad.

Graphics- beginning coulda used some work
Style- You're obviously republican. It's ok, nobody's perfect.
Sound- Nice job on the 70s songs
violence- shoot her in the face. :3
humor- He doesn't really have alzheimers, but that doesn't mean it's not funny. Overall, not bad.

ONE THING- To all you stupids out there; this is not really how Kerry acted during the war. Do not act as though this is a factual account, nor a reasonable facsimile. Also, Kerry rarely mentioned his purple hearts in the campaign and debate; so don't call him a crybaby. Also, the reason why he seemed to flipflop is that he made bad decisions, like any politician, but if the decision was bad, he wouldn't stand by it. For example, if Kerry were president, Iraq might have been done by now; but Bush has to beat his dead crusadin' horse a bit longer. I'd rather have a flexible, intelligent president, than a stalwart stupid one.

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Sep 10, 2004
6:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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