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The Deadline - Part 1

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Author Comments

Eyyy! after a long time of experimenting and swearing, i finaly made something new!! ;)


System requirements:
- a Pentium 3 or AMD Duran processor with 650 MHz +
- 64 MB RAM
- 16 bit Soundcard

This is my very best game ever, visual and the gameplay!!

I hope u enjoy!!


While playing the game, press P to pause it, then press ~ on your keyboard to open the console.

cheat result

/god enable/ disable godmode

/ammo.newClip Increse your clips by 1

/ammo.maxAmmo All bullets are at 99

/restore_life restore your health to 100

/harikari suicide

/skipFrame skip a small part of the game

/allweapons enable all the stuff

/shadow enable/ disable the shadow

/light enable/ disable the darkness


Full ammo/ health:

When you died near a checkpoint, just press P and click QUIT. Now press instead of NEW GAME on PASSWORD (that's automaticly inserted) and you start with full healt and ammo.

Just a handy tip:

always make sure that you have some LOADED guns behind. Example: there are no enemies sighted, pick your SHOTGUN, load it, pick your COLT. 45 again... now you can easely shoot weaker enemies, and when you saw a stronger enemy, you can easely pick your SHOTGUN and kill that basterd!

Handy tip 2:

when you have a 1 handed weapon, u can press F to use your FLASHLIGHT as weapon!!


From here, you are on your own ;)

Oh yeah, please don't issue the voices because...
1. i'm not ENGLISH
2. i had to do all the voices myself


((( AWSOME )))

Wow that was intense man, props to you for one hell of a game, with so much to do and the graphics were intense, my computer almost lost it and that was durring play hehe, anyways awsome game props to you...


very good

just one problem i cant get the fuckin cheats to work

Not too bad

It's a nice little game, and there are a few flaws in it, but I'm sure you know about those by now. If you added more movement possible, it would be nice, but with the restrictions on flash game production, I don't blame you for what you did. I'm glad to see a German review. (points down at last reviewer) I can actually understand what he's saying, surprisingly (I'm English). Well, keep up your production, and don't get discouraged, because this has more effort than many other things on NG, and though not perfect, is still good.

RVWD responds:

hm.. thnx for the review :)... and i'm not discouraged.... i lear from reviews!... (and between us, the review below is Dutch, not german:P)


Jammer, maar 't is echt een flop... Je moet niet altijd van die lange intro's en shit erin stoppen, dat is hartstikke irritant (vandaar 0 voor Style)! Mensen willen gewoon meteen een gamepje kunnen spelen en desnoods maak je een skip-button of zo... Mensen passen ook wel zelf de quality aan dus dan hoef je geen tijdverspillend systeem-herkenningsmeganisme erin te bouwen, want daar heb je geen fuck aan.

Het hoeft niet allemaal zo superprofessioneel in elkaar te zitten, want daar bereik je soms niks mee als je het op de verkeerde manier doet...

Oh ja, bij die 3e klotezombie pompte ik hem vol lood en dan moet ik herladen en dan vreet ie me kapot!!! Dat is nou echt superlame... Sorry, maar update dit ding eerst maar eens en dan meldt je het me maar (als je wilt).

Je kan zien dat je er heel veel werk aan hebt gehad en opzich is het een leuk idee, maar het is gewoon geflopt.

Succes bij je volgende games! (En bij je eventuele update).

RVWD responds:

well... ik begin in te zien dat webgames, WEBGAMES moeten blijven..:d thnx 4 the tip(Y)


the game didnt load for me either, and dont call me a noob or ill hunt you down and kill you :)

RVWD responds:

wuwhahaha.. hunt & kill me:P anyway.. u proberly got a slow internet connection or no patient:P noob

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Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2004
1:41 PM EDT
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