Sonic t. Swordsman Intro

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This is my StS Intro to my ALREADY released StS EPISODES! CHECK EM OUT!!!

Ep4. About to come!

What is a series without an intro? Crap I'd say. So made this one. Because I'm not sure if I REALLY gonna use it within my flashes, I'll post it here seperatly. I think for that lenght it's pretty cool.
If you like it, PLEASE make sure to watch all the other episodes too!


Good intro.

One thing I would say is take out the black on white VS screen and just have a white flash, the vs. thing makes it look not entirely right.

Very good though.

Me is fan!

Hey, ive watched all the other eps and there REALLY GOOD, im a fan of your work, its so dramatic! I love it! Sure might not be the best graphics, bu its got some nice stuff in there, ive checked out ur webby also, and watched some eps multible times

Graphics an't everything

peace out
PLEASE make EP 4!

STTWebs responds:

HEY I'm no RANDY SOLEM!!!! Any way, yes I'm improving with my graphics, so ep4 takes LONGER.. there you have it!


Sonic with a sword is very origional, or at least I've never seen anyone else do it before. I have seen the whole series so far, so I didn't see the point in an intro later in the series.

Awesome as usual

The only flaw i've seen in this intro, is that its a tad too long. Everything else is just fine, the music, the effects, everything. Cant wait for episode 4

whens #4 coming?

I've watched every episode so far and am eager for moreD ;D~~

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Sep 8, 2004
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