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Elisha the Cruel

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Author Comments

This is one of many cartoons that have been and will be produced by members of my web community to depict the Bible in all it's gory, oops I mean glory. This story was never told to me in Bible study. This flash was done by member, "CheapSurprise" at my website: http://www.infidelguy.com. Enjoy.



That was gruesomly done, the violence that is, and the graphics were very nicely done, overall it was a very good and humourous flash, the voice overs were ver well done aswell dude :P

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hmm that was cruel

and I can tell that your not a person who beleives in god but not a bad job graphic wise

I personally didn't find it funny but other may have

5/10: medicore

I never saw that coming, didn't really make any sense though. A guy was jealous of having his friend going into heavon so he curses these children with the wrath of god for pestering him? I don't get it?....ookkaayy then...the only thing good was the voices and over the top violence.
1/5 r

Accurate Enough

As I watched the small video of the scripture I was dismayed, but I admit I was also amused. But is the Bible true? Is it the word of God? and if it is, what does it mean in the lives of every man? You will die as all men die as did these little children died. You will die and justly because you've made mistakes, done misdeeds, you have lied, stolen from others, you have wanted other people's property and no doubt, made fun of men who live by a code of honor and valour. Men who are honest, who do not steal, who know that trinkets, stones and wood articles have no power. Men who love and care and choose to do what is right for they know what is right. Shall the power that exists not do what is right? not do justice? Shall rapists, murderers go free? Shall liars and mockers go free? Should they not suffer even die for doing wrong? You call attention to the cruelty of the punishment, but you do not make any assertion that the story is not true. How was it that the bears came out at just the time and killed 42 kids? Would it not have been divine justice and intervention? Should you not look to your own life and decisions? Do you not have a conscience in your head that tells you right from wrong? If these should die for so small an offence. What does that tell you about the punishment for you own offences? Why are you not dead yet? Is it not mercy that you are not immediately dead from your first wrong?

needs more gore

other than the blood, it wasnt anything that great. just needed more blood. this isnt going to turn any more people away from christianity its just going to get a bunch of athiests to write reviews saying you are right. go preach on the corner it'd be more affective.

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Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2004
10:58 PM EDT
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