Elisha the Cruel

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This is one of many cartoons that have been and will be produced by members of my web community to depict the Bible in all it's gory, oops I mean glory. This story was never told to me in Bible study. This flash was done by member, "CheapSurprise" at my website: http://www.infidelguy.com. Enjoy.



Leon_RookZ Is a biblically illiterate RETARD.
Why IS it that right wing dip sticks wouldn’t know a bible passage if it bit them in the ass?

Go back to sunday school moron. Read a dictionary on your way. An Infidel is NOT a Muslim, its the opposite of a Muslim.


This cartoon rocks! It’s awesome, and it’s 100% biblically accurate. At least Atheists have the decency to research something before believing in it nor not.


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Hey! Think that would work on,

should we see if we can find a man of God faithful enough to do that to a Muslim radical propogandists like yourself? one who is out to twist the bible to create hate toward all jews and christians in order to allow palistinians to take over Jerusalem? which was the Jews long before it was the Palistinians!??!?!?! :P

Infidel Guy? hahahah! I bet! if you arent a radical muslim you sure help out the Jihad!

You mad at christians because we can Prove it time and again with science and history??? Yeah I wouldnt blame you! it takes aay from the fun in life if ppl are always forcing discipline down your throat and telling you that hell is awaiting you for being ... whatever you are!

Moral of the story

Don't fuck around with...well i can't find the words of what Elisha is so i'll just say one of the people God likes :P

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I haven't laughed out loud like that at a movie in a while. Good job!:-D

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That was so good!I'm sending it to friends

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Sep 7, 2004
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