Elisha the Cruel

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This is one of many cartoons that have been and will be produced by members of my web community to depict the Bible in all it's gory, oops I mean glory. This story was never told to me in Bible study. This flash was done by member, "CheapSurprise" at my website: http://www.infidelguy.com. Enjoy.



It's about time that someone did an accurate depiction of the cartoon that is the Bible.
It's no Homestar, but the message is loud and clear. I got a good laugh of the crowd that came out of the castle and turned sharply, revealing their two-dimensionalness.

And to the people leaving the flaming reviews, this is not about hating God or "God bashing". This is about showing you what the Bible actually says.
It amazes me how satire is funny until it's aimed at something they like. Then it's "offensive".
Grow up, learn to laugh, and do yourself a really big favor: READ THE BIBLE.

Because the world needs more atheists.

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Good Job! exellent graphics, and sound!

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ROFL!!! YEA!!! Tell the sheeple like it is! The bible IS a mythology made by sadistic primitives! Thanks for taking the time to make this Kick Ass Flash!

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Funny 'cause it's true.

Finally some real entertaining Bible stories. You can't be the word of God for violence, sex and death.

You dumbshits equating IG to a Muslim terrorist obviously are too retarded to understand WTF an atheist is. Fucking morons, yeesh.

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If you thought that was gruesome, you should sit down and read deuteronomy. Honestly, I am tired of religious fundamentalistic nut-cases who kill in the name of their God, religion and land. And I am not just addressing Muslims, but Jews, Christians and Hindus as well. I am tired of the Christian hypocracy. All the time you hear Christians blaming muslims for the atrocities of this world... Hello? The Crusades? The Spanish Inquisitions? The Massacre and complete Genocide of the Native American people? The war between Ireland and Great Britain (AKA Catholics Vs. Protestants)? The Salem Witch Trials? The enslavement of African-Americans? The lynchings of African Americans commenced by the CHRISTIAN Orginization called the KKK? The suppression of the advancement of women during the 60s and 70s? The discrimination towards homosexuals? The war in the middle east and our biblical support for Isreal? When addressed with this, the Christian says, "Oh well you know... The acts of others shouldnt account for an entire religion." Then what do they do? They continue judging the acts of Terrorist Muslims as the entire Muslim religion. Now I am not supporting them because they too are dangerous, just like most religions in this world. Thats their biggest problem - they have no limitations on their ego. They swear like they are divine and that anybody who disagrees goes against God and for doing so, should be delt with - sometimes this includes death! In fact, if you open any history book and examine the effect that religion has had on human history you will find that 8/10 will be an atrocity. If killing each other is the only thing they are good at, then they need to hurry up and do it because quite frankly, we nonbelievers are getting tired of it.

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The flash was pretty cool. I liked that it was right out of the bible that just makes it so much more funny and the fact that it was actually to bears was awesome. I think that you could have really screwed this up if you would have made it serious but the character stlyes were so funny, you did it perfectly.

Graphics: I liked the little panels on the flash you don't see that to much so I was happy to see something new. Everything looked great all the characters moved very smooth. The only thing that bugged me was the blood on the old guy it looked like really thick goop or something.

OVerall: Funny 9

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Sep 7, 2004
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