Elisha the Cruel

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This is one of many cartoons that have been and will be produced by members of my web community to depict the Bible in all it's gory, oops I mean glory. This story was never told to me in Bible study. This flash was done by member, "CheapSurprise" at my website: http://www.infidelguy.com. Enjoy.



I am a Christian, and I'm certain I would have been insulted on this one. But to tell you the truth, I laughed my ass off. Nice one.

heh heh

another great stab at christianity.


This is a wonderful cartoon. We need more people like you, Reg, that have the BALLS to criticize religion. The religionists behave as if we aren't allowed to criticize their faith. Why?!
This is a perfect example of the absurdity and cruelty that is in the Bible.

In response to Jinx: Does it REALLY make a difference if it was a group of children or not? Does it really make it better that he called forth she-bears to MURDER a group of teenagers or adults?
I don't think so.

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Great stuff i wanna see more

There is only one word to define REG "integrity".

this sketch was sweet .
and anyone who checks out his website for even a split second would realize that his shizat is straight up and for real.

the vast majority fo the world including myself could learn a thing or two about critical thinking from this guy.

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Typical for Reg

As usual, Reg, you're full of shit. So are the people who think this animation is an "accurate depiction" or "100% biblically accurate." "Atheists have the decency to research???" Yeah, right! Try researching the Hebrew word used to describe the youths (NOT "children") in the GANG harassing Elisha. These youths were not akin to 5-year-olds as Reg falsely portrays them to be. These were older teenagers and young men. Atheists are such liars.

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Sep 7, 2004
10:58 PM EDT
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