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Old b#stard

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When a goth or a prick has put a gun to your head what do you do?

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~I guess it works~

Good advise next time someone trys to rob me i will shoot them....and go to jail and stuff. kinda random but somewhat hailorius....(heres a good tip gothic people don't like to see other gothic people get shot)YeaWn!!!


Just a little child's attempt to attack something he knows nothing about, by considering goths burglars he just demonstrates that he is the product of ignorance and stupidity. In other words this flash just shows how you enjoy comenting on things that you know nothing about, your like a little boy that never went to school trying to explain the basis of physics. Poor ignorant child...
And when i say child I just mean that your personlity is childish.


just because i dress different from you dosent mean Im a killer (ya im goth)

Learn to diss us better...

The graphics and sound were okai, other than that, you need to study the gothic subculture a little more to really understand us. This little cartoon was a waste of a few seconds of my existance.

May ethiopian zombies eat your brains

How dare you promote the exagerated media sterotype for violent goths? Goth is a pasifistic subculture, and none of that columbine bullshit (do some some research, they weren't within a continet of being goth). I despise you, and wish you a horrible, and hopefully ironic ... well, I would put death here, but I wouldn't want you to die... just suffer for your misdeeds until you repent...

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1.74 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2004
12:38 PM EDT