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The End part 1

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UPDATE: The sequel should be out by the beginning of 2005!

NOTE: This is no comedy, whatsoever. You WILL feel pretty sad after watching this.

Hello again, this is my 2nd submission. Fate did pretty well and I can see that this one did too...thx for your comments!



that made me think about alot of things. when it was over i just thought, hmmmm. the only problem was the graphics. great movie tho.


that was awesome...i mean it was depressing as crap but thats the type of movie it is...you definatly accomplished what you set out to do...i mean sure the graphics arent the best but that doesnt matter...good job man...its even on my favorites now :o

Meeko responds:

My drawings are so horrible. But i get by with all those comments about my shitty graphics and I just put my best into it. At least it got the word out to some people :)

should be one of a kind

its just not presented in the way that backs up the serious plot. it was a fairly solid flash, and i rated it as such, but it just said what it wanted to say wrong. and also a sequal doesnt seem appropriate...why do you think they never made a second titanic. ''life of a dead guy'' (i know it probably wont be, but stil...sequal is a bad idea in my opinion''


That's so depressing, but you did a pretty good job on it.


i got kind of bored near the middle when random scenes just seemed to start popping up. its better than the usual blam fodder i see at these hours of the night though, 5!

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3.44 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2004
12:28 AM EDT
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