The End part 1

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UPDATE: The sequel should be out by the beginning of 2005!

NOTE: This is no comedy, whatsoever. You WILL feel pretty sad after watching this.

Hello again, this is my 2nd submission. Fate did pretty well and I can see that this one did too...thx for your comments!


It brought tears to my eyes.

This ain't your schools anti drug film. Although the main character looked like a girl.

Pretty good!

Looks great,im really looking forward to the 2nd part!keep up the great work!Great music to by the way...


Meeko responds:

yerp! DCFC pwns!


The animation may not have been the best I've seen, but the story touched me.

I'll be waiting for part two

Keep up the good work


OMG!! I loved this!! You did such a good job. I could see that there is a point to this and you are going somewhere with it. Like a message? I really liked it a lot! The music went witht he flash and the flash actually made sense!! Keep up the good job!!!!!!

7/10: good

I'm a little confused...I thought he died in the car acccident or was it the jump off the building and if he did jump off the building, why? I'm I suppose to already know this or will it be explained in the sequel? Also the chalk was a symbol for what? It's obvious it has an important role in the cartoon since it was found in his hand after death and was inside his body. Did it represent how he was responsible for his own death or something bigger? This is obviously a well thought out a cartoon with emphisis on a deep story and mood. I just wish the graphics were better and if the cartoon wasn't that colorfull. Either noir or staurated colors would work best for what you are trying to go for.
4/5 r
Liked the whole 6th sense idea because he couldn't even remember that he died.

Meeko responds:

It ALL will be explained in the sequel. He died from the fall at the end of the movie. The guys in the carcrash were the drug dealers. The chalk was the symbol that he took his own life. He never knew he killed himself, never knew he took drugs and never knew his girlfriend wanted him back. But the other spirits take him back in time to where he does eventually jump off the edge. Of course, we still don't know why. But you will, in Part 2. I'm glad you enjoyed the story line. It DID take a while to come up with. And yes, it is very confusing but you will find out what happens next.

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Sep 7, 2004
12:28 AM EDT
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