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Just some frame by frame stuff i did...
i redrew every frame...(inserted blank keyframes everytime)


Nice one

Nice. I know how fbf can be hard and this is a good movie you've actualy done.

I think you should use your talents in a movie with a storyline and everything, 'cause this was ... Hum... pointless ^^

Keep it up

((( SHORT )))

Well notbad, funny and very fast, i like it because it was FBF but you could have had more in it like some color, and some deep backrounds and much longer it was good, but could be better, but anyways nice work, keep it up...



I like a lot of this frame by frame stuff. It makes the flash come to life in a chaotic way.


Although I generally think random fbf movies are alright...this one seemed a bit too random for my taste. I thought the experience was cool while watching it, but nothing stayed with me after it was over.

I think that when I make a movie, I would rather have it leaving some sort of emotion after the movie was over, then having it just be fun while watching it.

I do, however, realize the amount of time you put into this, and it doesn't go unnoticed, but there was just something missing.

Anyway, it did look good, what I can remember, and you have a lot of skill. So, good luck in the future, and keep it up!

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3.75 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2004
10:32 AM EDT
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