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Just some frame by frame stuff i did...
i redrew every frame...(inserted blank keyframes everytime)


finally, something different...

i rally like frame by frame animations, mainly because they are always fast paced, action packed, and very fun to watch.
but i'd say that about 75% of FbF movies are all about stick figures, and squiggling lines... so i was very glad to see this contained hardly any of that. although there were a few wriggly lines, and one or two blowing-up stickmen, the rest of it was very, very good.
everything was well drawn, and the animation was very good, also.
and, to top it all off, there was a nice song in the background to go with it. so nice work, i liked it.
overall score: 6/10

Smooth like butter.

One of the better "random" animations submitted to the portal. The animation flowed impressively well.

I like it.

It's the sort of thing I like. Things becoming other things which become other things.

If you were to improve the graphics quality a bit, it'd be even better. Might take a while though. ^_^

that could have been better

you said you did this frame by frame.....why?
you could just inserted normal keyframe
turn on onion skin, and just have altered
a little bit at each frame, the animation
would have been smoother, and, needless
to say, it would have bee easier
other then that, this was an interesting peace
of work.
btw you might need to turn the frame rate down
a tad, it was a bit tough to watch at the speed you
had it(24 I'm guessing?)


I enjoyed this the use of Black and white added to the feel of this.

Worth the 30 seconds to watch.

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3.75 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2004
10:32 AM EDT
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