Zalad FingerZ

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Im working on 5 and so far it looks real kick ass. Ive actually dont walking animations and it looks like a big improvement over the others.


You know what everybody thinks, why say it again

The character duplication was well done but it just wasnt funny, i'm not a big fan of Firth but this was just stuped. Anyways just don't lie about the rating, for future refrence


You took my favorite NG series and made this abomination. I really like his original voice....You didnt even try to match it. Instead you took this ghetto-esque voice in place of it in order to be funny. As a fan of this series never make a Salad Fingers spoof again...

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Oh my motherfucking god

I'l be kind and give you a 1 because you wheren't to lazy to open Flash and steal all the shit... you cannot be serious about the "piss-your-pants-funny-part" because if you are I advise you to not open Flash ever again for the sake of menkind


But hey, if that's your thing...


I knew I wouldn't like this by the preloader. A spoof is, by definition, unofficial. I think it's strange that Salad Fingers has really garnered so much attention that these retarded spoofs get made, but I digress. Basically all the graphics are stolen from this, and I don't know much about whistle-blowing, but this may qualify. It's 12 year old humor, and even then, 12 year olds should be ashamed to be amused by this. I've seen worse stuff lately, but since this Salad Finger spoof thing is catching on, at least try a lot harder than dick jokes.

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2.32 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2004
11:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody