Zalad FingerZ

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Im working on 5 and so far it looks real kick ass. Ive actually dont walking animations and it looks like a big improvement over the others.


*Clears throat* Well...

Well... First off, it might have been nice if you didn't just take the graphics from Salad Fingers and possibly created your own.
Secondly, it wasn't really funny. It was just a bit dull...
However, the idea of mocking good ol' Salad Fingers was decent. Parodies are always at least mildly entertaining.

Funniest thing this month for me!!!

I loved how you made fun of Salad Fingers.I showed all 4ep.of him to my girlfriend and she said ,"this is kind of retarded"but,loved the rust part tho.Than I showed her THIS(Zalad Fingers) and she loved who you made fun of him so badly.I like it sooo much you have to make another one just as funny to make me piss my pants.Great job on doin' that!I love you!?!

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man that was some funny shit, good spoof

I really like salad fingers..

Boy this was pretty crude! Another series that's been made fun of by putting gay sex in it. I couldnt really give you credit for the graphics, since it's not yours. Using the finger puppets as a sex toy is pretty funny I s'pose.
The thing is, Zalad FingerZ voice cracked me up tremendously =)
but it's still gross..




Salad fingers is awsome. What you have here is a load of crap, it was gross and it made salad finger animation look bad. An no it wasnt funny at all in anyway.

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2.32 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2004
11:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody