Zalad FingerZ

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Im working on 5 and so far it looks real kick ass. Ive actually dont walking animations and it looks like a big improvement over the others.


You know what everybody thinks, why say it again

The character duplication was well done but it just wasnt funny, i'm not a big fan of Firth but this was just stuped. Anyways just don't lie about the rating, for future refrence

well now holy shit!

i love salad fingers with all my heart but that was fuckin hillarious.


i think this would be more funy if u made zalad fingers more gangsta , yup, more shootings and explosions as matter of fact, u should add a carchase!!! y not dobica? u tried everything else to make this homo erotic masterpiece a good 1?!?!

Possibly the worst porno ever

I like both the parody and the orginal. That being said, THIS WAS FUCKED UP! I can't recall seeing anything that warped since the Flashtoon about birth control... you know the one.

Bout time somebody did this

That was great!!! Personally I hate Salad Fingers's's's's guts! David Firth is a motherfucker. Thank you for making this point! It was hilarious and rightious... This should be sent WORLDWIDE!

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2.32 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2004
11:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody