DHC Bottle Blaster 3

September 4, 2004 –
November 21, 2008
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that invicible one wasnt so in vicible after i shot it 30 times(i counted)
i missed the giant one lol

the graphics were a little better...didnt show much though,the style was awesome because not many people make games like that,i forgot about the gunfire and stuff so add the sound to 6 in DHC1,2.interactivity was the same,just control your mouse and shoot.overall i gave it a 7 cause i like to play these games

getting to about the right sort of length, but needs to have more levels still. wtf happened to fix buttons? An improvement t bb2, 7/10

I was stuck on some levels for a while, cuz I just trying to pop all the caps off first. That was great though, I actually went back to a few levels.

This is much better than the first two, good layouts, some of the levels were great but some were really easy and you shouldnt make the really easy ones, a menu would be nice at the atrt, nice work , keep it up.

Well its simple and has been done alot on newgrounds, it gets very laggy though, maybe make the bottles smaller or something, and the aimer could be better looking, it was a fun short game though, keep up the ok work...


the invincible one was fun, good work, keep it up

Fun game. I liked some of the more creative bottle setups. The only thing I think would be cool is a few more shatter sound effects. Fun game!

Nice, like I said, Stress Reliever. And by the way, the invincable one ain't so invincable, u just have to shoot it like 50 or more times lol. Other than this, nice way to spend your day.

It was fun...make more AI for it

make it so u catually got to pass threw the levels. the beggining with the fire cursor was awesome too! could u tell me how to play an animation inside a movie clip after the button is pressed? (the glass shattering)

good flash, though I think your talents would be better suited to something more complex. :)

I destroyed the invinsible bottle. hehe Good job

Ah; Freewebs I see. Good place. Same place I moved my site to. Anyways, Good job, Invicible stage caused computer to slow down. Um, Was interestingly fun to blow up bottles. Try adding in a viewable gun to the next one. Just a suggestion. But good job. I liked it.

Nice timewaster.

so funny wow!!!!!!!!
and so simple but perfect

The game would be great if there had a story
Not only shot and move to the next level manually x_x;

On layout 18...I missed on purpose, yeah, that's the ticket.

Why is that sooo much fun??? I dont know!!!!

if u make more you should put more weapons and a points scoring thingy.great job 5 4 u

Pretty good.
I liked all the different movements you were able to create, and Level eighteen (If you miss this, you're an idiot) made me laugh.

I hope to see more like this, but with multiple weapons :)

Not sure really. It's like you're working on a game, but releasing it in a extreme alpha phase before it's really complete. The idea seems like it could be fun, but your early releases are not.

My advice, keep it to yourself until you DO complete it, because the final result is empty. There is no result. You created some simple visuals in which you can do simple touch to touch, and eventually you get to an end. No score, no signs, no explanation, nothing.

Granted, it's better than your others, but your others just seem like the start of a game, and this seems like the middle of one. Complete the total game and then come back... seriously.

really fucking fun

This was a great stress reliever, i just wish the dog could have popped up in the bottle hunt layout...lol

Awesome! A lot of layouts and nice sounds!! Great!

great sound and interactivity.

add more levels but that game is great

I thought the levels would have never ended! pretty cool. i liked the idiot layout. 7/10

i defeated the invincible bottle!!!

Just Click alot it may freeze but it will not regenerate.

fun for a minute then its gone

its not invincible

This is pretty darn cool. Pow pow! Bang bang! A simple little shooter like this is nice once in a while. Well, loud noises and awesome glass breaking effects help, but whatever, I liked this.
Good job!

Dude I remember when you first submited this a way long time ago and you only had that one layout. But I liked it back then just because the bottle didn't shatter in one place you could break of only small parts that was awesome. The only problem I had was that when you had ones that were spining and the bottom of the glass would be left that was kinda corny.

Graphics: Really solid graphics I loved the shattering affects that was awesome. The different modes were really cool I liked the USA one that was cool with the colors and all.

OVerall: Awesome 9


that was fun

i never knew shootin bottles could be so much fun. i give u a 5/5

Invincible just totally slowed down on me. must have clicked it too many times :D

We have a winner. Your prize? You're game gets the first non-half-assed review i've ever written.

The first thing I saw before I even clicked play was the tiny file size, so naturally i'm thinking BLAM! but holy shit! This is incredibly fun. Who would have thought that shooting bottles could be so entertaining. Kudos on your inspired level design, I don't think i've ever seen a bottle shooting game with iverted gravity :D!

Bottom line; I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed it.
It should be more challenging and you should be able to get hurt or something. In some way. Or limited bullets per level.
And you should make it that there are more parts that can come off, like the bottleneck, depending on the part where you hit it.
Also, dont continue to let shattered glass fly around, make it go away or let the bottle respawn.


Great idea
The animations are great,
and the sound is pretty kewll too,
kewll game, make more,

You should add a point system to it. 10 points for shooting off the cap, 7 for shooting the neck, 5 for shooting the piece above the main part, and 2 for shooting the main, so the point is to make the bottles last longer. Make some of the missions a little harder, and you got yourself a really good game.

i thought that was great, the sound the bottles made when you shot then was so satisfying. I gave this a 5, it was magnificent. Easy perhaps but then, it wasnt really presented as a challenge

you should ahve a sound when the bottel cap hits the ground and a score for the skill of the shot and stuff.

i like the rverse bottle blast and the rest was also awesome

u really need 2 add more 2 it mayb a time limit a score counter a limimt on ammo etc
but u obviously have sum real talent y not try makin a decent sooting game wer ppl shoot back at u or sumthin

i did got to destroy the undestroyable battle!!
make more! make more! i love your work!!

i got one word to say:

You really should use this talent to make a real game not just blowing up bottles. Also, that "Invincible" layout wasn't too invincible... 38 bottles in a line i believe. But nice work, keep it up and i hope to one day see a full shooting game from you.

Awesome physics and hit boxes. Now go out and program a game with your skills, or team up with someone who can program for you!


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3.57 / 5.00