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Decided that this was not quite done, so this is now the beta, as apposed to the other which was the alpha. Final coming soon!


Wow, not bad. It could still use something, tho

It's loading... Woohoo... It's loading. This is a strange habit I have sometimes - I'll start writing the review before the movie/game has finished loading. Heck, it gives me something to do. No worries - I won't actually start reviewing it until I've seen it, but -- Oh, it's done loading. I'mmah play it now.

Hey, not bad! I played all the way through. I'd say a couple of things.

Firstly, the game lags a bit, and I've got a reasonably fast machine here - I had to drop the quality to low to get it to not lag when there were more than one laser on the screen.

Secondly - Nice animation and graphics! I like them. Good work.

Thirdly - It's bloody annoying when you fall off the edge. I couldn't figure out what to do from there. I think that should outright kill you, or there should be a way out when you've fallen down. Maybe there is, and I just didn't see it.

Fourthly - In general, the game is a bit boring. Dodging the lasers is all well and good, but it's pretty limited. There maybe should be more stuff to jump over (land mines, perhaps? Running robot bugs?), a duck option, to duck flying projectiles or something, etcetera. I kind of like the fact that you don't go out to blow stuff away, but at the same time, it would add more interest if you did have to shoot something... Anyway, its too easy. I got through the game pretty easily on my first try, once I figured out how to play it.

Ooh, that's something that would be handy - so

Fifthly - a button you can press that would pop up a reference card for how to play - stuff like "press down at an exit to exit" and "press shift to freeze time". Yeah.

Sixthly - It would be nice if you had some sort of visual cue that you were being damaged, other than the meter counting down - like your body glows green, or something.

This is far from sucking. I could see this being a great game with some more work. Good job, please keep working on it!.


loves playing it. this is what a game should be like. it had an actual story line, so there was actually a reason for it to occurr. also, it was a great game because it mixed up different styles. i loved playing as T-bot, and i loved controling his ship. a great way to mix things up.
also, everything about the game was excellent.
the graphics were awesome - everything looked fantastic. definately not a dull game.
the sounds were great - many many different sound effects, all of which went with the game very well, and there was also some nice music.
the gameplay was excellent. the controls were sweet, and you could do many different things in the game, such as walking, jumping, flying, etc. also, the game wasnt too hard to play. you could always recharge your life or jetpack if you were running low, so that was really good.
overall, one sweet mega kick ass game. i hope you enjoyed making it as much as i enjoyed playing it!
overall score: 8/10
(THE THUMB: UP!!!!!)

Mad game!

Awesome. Only bad thing was that you couldn't get rid of the intro.

The-Mute responds:

hey, thanks :) yeah u can get ride of it, theres a button in the top left to skip to the first lvl

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3.34 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2004
6:24 AM EDT
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