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Banana Fingers EP. 3

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Good Parody

It was good and the sound was much better than tyhe first one. It doesn't come close to the real Salad Fingers because he is the $#!+.

a respectable parody

I love Salad Fingers...this is pretty funny...I think this is just another view of the mental profile of Salad Fingers...he's just your average tag-along kind of guy...he just wants someone to love

What the hell?

Why are people giving this flash bad reviews? Just because someone makes a parody of something doesn't mean they are trying to shit on it or anything, this isn't SALAD HUNTER, that shiteater Maverick0 put out. I think it's really funny, and I do also like Salad Fingers. David Firth even links to this flash on fat-pie. com.

The people who blammed this for no reason are all fucking sheep. If you don't like something, at least give a reason.

I will also check out Banana Fingers 2 if it comes back frome Judgement.

u kno wat....

u taste like popcorn!!!

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Ok, so its not the best movie around but its pretty funny. I find it rather annoying how all those losers diss this by saying that its attension seeking or that its a rip off. I highly doubt that this author is going out to improve the work of salad fingers. Its an obvious piss take, like much of the famous comedies on TV, such as Fawlty towers and even Top Cat. Credit this movie as a comedic outlook on salad fingers, it ment to be funny so dont watch it thinking that its another ripp off.

By the way this ruled.

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3.91 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2004
9:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody