Virus of Desire

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This is a dark thriller I've been working on for quite some time. It took me a long time to make so please watch it to the end.


great story...

but apart from that it sucked big time...

That was awesome.

You need to keep telling the story of this woman turned computer program. Mary could influence more people and tell her stories for as long as she survives. It sounds to me like you have a mystery horror series on your hands with some great potential. i mean that just chilled me to the bone. I'm sure I'm not the only one saying more, more.

That was great.

That was well done and thought out. the story did not to seem to have any holes, except the two prior killings before borus. Wouldn't the police have suspected something?

Anyway, That was a well thought out story... Keep up the good work.

Wow...just wow

I'm speechless...This was something...NEW. I have never seen such a twisted idea but i think you've done very well...Some points didn't come clear to me but thats ok. If this would be longer it could be a book...and I WOULD read it!

Liked but but disagree with direction

I thought the concept was good, however it has been done. Granted you had a few differences. And i know that it is hard to create somethign completley new. Don't get me wrong i enjoyed it but i just disagree with a few points. The idea of downloading someones thoughts into a computer is good but not for this time frame. Suggestion: Fritz did kill Mary and did TRY to download her into electonic format. However in actuality it failed but Fritz believed it did work. Movie continues on with Fritz believing that he is doing the work that Mary wants him to when in fact it is his own AGENDA he is fulfilling. If this IS in fact what you did intend then it was not clear. THese are my personal opinions and it is your story, so never mind. But for the time frame it is unrealistic maybe a preface of 10 years down the road or something. Howver you made excellent use of the audio. And like i said i liked it.

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Sep 1, 2004
6:48 PM EDT
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