imp episode 19

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Right there we are, after months of delaying, imp 19 is finally done..Hope 20 will be submitted a lot quicker..
This is the second part of the lsu squad story, you might want to see imp 18 before this one..
And damn, for the scene selection button to not work -_-


lol x]

hahaha ik vond het zielig voor zody dat dat rotvis van zweden steeds ineens tevoorschijn komt X_x
stel je eens voor dat je in real dat ook kan doen: je schoonouders vermoorden ^^ dan zou de wereld een stuk beter uitzien 0.o'
enne, die jessie.... die hond lijkt me heel griezelig man 0.o
brrrr *krijgt de rillingen* :S
weer een leuke aflevering en nog iets... je muziek is heel wat beter geworden vergeleken met je eerste aflevering :)

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

ja ik verbeter gelukkig.. en Jessie is eng ja, no doubt

O.O One line for a summary?!

Woah-ho! This flash was halarious!... as all of the IMPs are. ^^ Hm, best part... the ending with the evil music and Jessie the Dog. Heh, Roger and Zody rule! Hm, there's still just one question on my mind that even HHog asked in the flash... How is the daughter a fox when the parents are human. O.O *suspence music* Anyway, keep on going with this series til you can't anymore because it rocks!

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

In a world where the same person dies 20 times a day, icecream eats menflesh, Bush drives a tank trough the streets and still gets reelected and a bunch of morons can household themselves with no problems, strange parents are the least of your worries.. Guess Ginny has it from her grandparents or something


hay i know this isnt related to this movie at all but i gotta ask this....I noticed on John's account in DA that alot of people are now forgiving him or somthing, seems everyone is being nice to him, so i gotta ask in the l8er movies will he be showed as some stupid idiot always being killed?

Oh and your good friend "rogerisgayy" tells me to add "your gay" to this review so uh there ya go!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

WHo knows, future imp episodes except 25 are very unclear, andi haven't tought of a death scene or anything with John in that one..

Rogerisgayy to scared so say something himself?
Tell him i already know and already read that im gay 20.000 times but that im still not interested in having boyfriends, especially him

About that lotr spoof

it looked really good, its sucks that zody dun wana make it :(

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Yeah he gives up quite fast :S

een paar dingen

1.bustin is een vieze gluurder denk ik
2.jij hebt een evil dog
3. als dat vliegtuig naar wales gaat en het stort neer in zweden waar staat de imp mansion dan wel niet rusland of zo of de noordpool of op heel klein landje genaamd internatonal moron patrol

RogerregoRRoger responds:

1.We zijn niet bepaald de meest brave gasten nee
2.Evil is zacht uitgedrukt
3.of de piloot was dronken..Ik heb niet echt gedacht waar imp mansion staat.. ergens..

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Sep 1, 2004
4:07 PM EDT
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