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Ok, this is a game where you play as a cartoon bat. You use the mouse to control it and avoid obstacles. Press 'q' to change quality or 'm' to turn music on/off.


Q: Are there any save points in the levels.
A: Yes, many.

Q: How do I beat the tiki mask boss (level 1)?
A: Just avoid his shots and eventually he will go away.

Q: How do I beat the dragon (level 2)?
A: Touch the axes to attack, and drain his health.

Q: Why does the water kill me (level 3)?
A: Because you're a bat... It just does avoid it.

Q: Thor won't die or leave?
A: See what happens when he hits you.

Q: I can put the mouse outside of the flash and the bat becomes invincible, WTF?
A: Yeah, that was left in partly because this game is hard so if there was a really impossible part for you, you can skip it, and because it was a hard problem to solve.

*Thanks to the audio contributors.



Almost great but the fling part is way too easy since there is a really good trick for dodgeing everything so good game and it is hard at the bosses!

((( HARD )))

Haha this was a fun and the colors were abit bright but that wasent the bad part, it was abit hard as the ememies come by very fast, maybe make 3 different "DIFF LEVELS" but was a decent game...



HARD? thats an understatement. well, at least you were being honest when you said this game was hard. maybe you should've said something like 'damn difficult' or something along that line. i did like the music you took from the audio portal though. it was cool.


That game was HORRIBLE! Thanx so much for handing us out some BLAM points for your lame-ass movie.

EZ3 responds:

No, this movie won't be blammed. It has already passed judgement. No blam points for you.

Hard - but easy

It's hard, but it's easy. Easy because you just stay in the top corner. And hard because it looks hard.

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